Six years ago, we dared to dream that Fast and Furious could be something significant… special…

And yet, I don’t think anyone is prepared for what will happen on memorial day 2013.

P.s. With as much talent as this production has… I am blessed to be a part of it…

First look at Furious 6 will be at the Super Bowl.


That message accompanied the above photo of Justin Lin and Vin Diesel this morning on Diesel’s official Facebook page. Overall, the past few months have been a bit low-key with regards to plot details.

We do know, however, that Dwayne Johnson will ride again with Toretto, and this time, he tackles (though I hope he Rock Bottoms) a man so hard through a table they crash through a ceiling.

We do know that the sexy and lethal Gina Carano is Johnson’s partner in this film.

We do know a tank is involved in a major action sequence, as evidenced from this set video.

Honestly? That’s all I need to know. Fast Five was one of the smartest “dumb” action movies I’ve seen in recent memory, and if these cards are indeed in play, Furious 6 (as Diesel calls it) could out-crash, out-thrill, and out-gay the last one. Come one expensive commercial break on February 3, we’ll have a more clear-cut idea of how fast and furious they’re willing to go.