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The Pitch

No matter what always remember that it was the Aliens.

The Humans

Robert Clotworthy (Narrator), Giorgio Tsoukalos, Jonathan Young and a slew of guests

The Nutshell

Ancient Aliens covers topics from ancient ruins and civilizations to unusual discoveries and phenomenon discovered  around the world. “Were ancient humans really behind some of the most important  technological advances in civilized history, or did they have extraterrestrial help?”

The Lowdown

Ancient Aliens is now in its fifth season with no sign of being canceled anytime soon. For all the criticism this series receives it does not seem to be having an affect on the popularity of Giorgio and his merry band of Alien enthusiasts. The theories presented in each episode are diverse, and in some cases truly bizarre. For one episode where the theories are analyzed that makes one think “you know this is plausible”, there are two episodes that produce groans and head shaking to downright uncontrollable laughter at the nonsense.

Even the Ancients enjoyed getting a good tan.

Even though I do not adhere to the ancient alien theory (aliens came to Earth and started the human race and at certain points in time they came back to help humans out with advanced technologies). I still watch, and at times thoroughly enjoy, this series and even catch myself watching the marathons that are common on the H2 channel (sister channel of The History Channel). What keeps me watching is this is the only series I know of that actually takes time to discuss ancient civilizations, and an added plus is the detailed footage that is shown of ancient ruins scattered throughout the Planet. One may argue (or laugh, take your pick) at the theories offered on who or what helped to establish and advance these areas during a time when said people did not have the tools necessary to create the buildings and other architecture (Göbekli Tepe in Turkey is a great example. It predates Stonehenge by 6000 years), and even if you disagree with the theories these ruins are still incredible to see. Ancient Aliens does a remarkable job at taking viewers to places all over the world that many of us will never get to see in person.

Not actually advanced technology here but it is rather quaint.

One thing I have noticed in season four is Giorgio and others are actually going to locations instead of just sitting in a room talking about these locations. For me this adds a nice touch to the presentation.

Season four episodes

  • The Mayan Conspiracy
  • The Doomsday Prophecies
  • The Greys
  • Aliens and Mega-Disasters
  • The NASA Connection
  • The Mystery of Puma Punku
  • Aliens and Bigfoot
  • The Da Vinci Conspiracy
  • The Time Travelers
  • Aliens and Dinosaurs

Season four is by far the weakest season of the series and all you need to do is look at the episode titles above to see what I mean. Aliens and Bigfoot is an absolute embarrassment. Other weak episodes are, The Da Vinci Conspiracy, The Time Travelers, and Aliens and Dinosaurs.  These episodes has me wondering if this series is finally winding down due to lack of material to cover.

An entire season will be devoted to this dudes hair.

Now not is all lost on this season because there are a couple of stand out episodes including The Mayan Conspiracy, The Greys, and The NASA Connection. Another positive is the high production values. Whatever this series’ budget is I would say a large portion of it is given to whoever does the presentation. The series is beautiful to watch, especially with the on location footage.

The biggest complaint I have read is this series does not belong on the History Channel. In part I tend to agree but then again this series does take considerable time in showing ancient ruins and offers a nice history lesson about said places. Of course I do not believe that is what people are complaining about. It’s those wacky theories that are presented.

The Package

No extras provided and as I already mentioned the production values are top notch. The quality of both audio and video are flawless.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars