All they ever really had to say is “Bald Matt Damon” and I’m there, but then you show me this trailer…

…and I’m there with bells on.

This trailer is a long time coming- this feels like one of those movies we’ve been waiting ages for. ┬áThe six month date change certainly didn’t help with that, but at least we know Sony is confident and ready to push this one hard, even as Blomkamp moves on to his next film.

The trailer above suggests Blomkamp is not painting with subtle strokes in this one, playing out a heightened income gap scenario that has bled from hot-button political topic in the last few years into films like this, the Total Recall remake, Upside Down, and probably others that escape me at the moment. It will be Blompkamp’s alone that features his special kind of dusty scifi action though, and I can’t wait to see what all that robotic skeleton does for an eggheaded Damon.

We’ll find out on August 9th, 2013.