That’s a new clip from Spike Lee’s Oldboy, featuring Josh Brolin and Elisabeth Olson. It’s not the most grabbing clip imaginable, but who wants to see the actual goods in a 1min online snippet anyway? At this point the film is, at worst, a curiosity from a generally interesting director that we’ll all see just to determine what he was thinking by taking on this project, and how sanitized the story is for American audiences.

Along with this new clip, the studio has set up a little contest that reflects one of the more noir aspects of the story- Joe’s search for his captors by way of finding the food he was given every day. They want you to take pictures of your food in dim sum joints all over the place in order to win the infamous hammer.

That’s an awfully… cute contest to put together for Oldboy, but it does finally confirm long-held suspicions that Hollywood is in deep with the dim sum lobby.

The film hits November 27th, 2013.