Heh. Fat Lady. We like Fat Lady. Fat Lady fall down, go boom? Fat Lady swear a lot? Fat Lady wear funny clothes? We like when Fat Lady wear funny clothes. Especially hat. Fat Hat Lady.

Fat Lady do all these things in trailer for The Boss, from Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone (the power couple behind Tammy). Watch below.

Look, this isn’t to say I have a problem with Melissa McCarthy’s body. I don’t. I’d be a big fat hypocrite for making fun of someone just because they’re fat. And I’m glad we have a talented and bankable female movie star that isn’t a walking, talking Forever 21 mannequin. That’s all sunshine and daisies. What doesn’t quite feel right for me is this whole “Fat Girl Minstrel Show” (a term coined by Phil Nobile, Jr.) she keeps putting on; this whirling merry-go-round of silly wigs and slapstick fat gags. McCarthy’s range of performance is so much wider than that.

I’m not trying to police her behavior, her career, or fully condemn her shtick — but I keep wanting more from McCarthy. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten it yet. Spy offered a glimpse of something more varied, but ultimately leaned very heavily on the same sort of “just listen to all that profanity fallin’ out of that fat lady’s mouth!” kind of humor that audiences seem to want from her.

I certainly don’t feel entitled to something different from McCarthy, and she’s certainly not obligated to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She doesn’t owe me anything. My point is this: I think all successful actors are typecast to some degree. They are hired to act like themselves, like only they can. They’re not supposed to disappear into roles. That’s why their faces are so big on posters. To the public, this is not a Ben Falcone movie, or a Universal movie. It’s a Melissa McCarthy movie. And the public has expectations of Melissa McCarthy movies. I expect this one to meet those expectations.

The Boss opens in the US on April 8.