Some of you (I hope) may know that I do a weekly podcast. For 70 episodes, I had the benefit of having my best friend, Nick Murray, be my co-host. Nick has moved on to a new project and now I have the honor and privilege of having fellow Chewer Travis Newton as my partner in crime. Since we now have a podcast that features two Chewers as the hosts, we figured it’d be OK to post it here every week. We’ll try to stay somewhat current with big release films that we think the CHUD audience would like to hear about, but we may also indulge in some specialized series and such.

We’ll leave a SoundCloud embed in each of these posts, but you can just Google “The Drew Reviews Podcast” to find your preferred way of listening. We hope you enjoy, and if we get some good comments and listener engagement, maybe we’ll even start taking questions and suggestions.

For our first episode (which of course had some technical difficulties near the end), we tackle the arthouse horror release, The Witch.

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