Top Gear is the best thing. Unifying. Brilliant. Visceral. Hilarious. Gorgeous.

Its three presenters are a big part of why. Jeremy Clarkson is the biggest and baddest of the bunch and his outspoken ways have often landed him and parent network BBC in hot water, though anyone with even a modicum of intellect knows when he’s taking the piss and when he’s intentionally going overboard in order to entertain and add to his repertoire. His criticisms of how the powers that be affect his everyday life are often exaggerated and ridiculous but they’re always intentionally over the top.

Recently Clarkson complained about public workers on strike in his country, claiming they ought to be executed in front of their families. It caused a furor to the point where the BBC issued an apology and many calls have come in asking for the presented to be fired.

Because he REALLY wants these people executed in front of their families. Unbelievable stuff.

Source: THR