With The Dark Knight Rises looming, Warner Bros. will have officially made as many live-action Batman movies as they have made Police Academy movies. Of course, in the studio’s catalog, more people give a shit about Batman or Harry Potter than Michael Winslow’s uncanny audio talents.

Not unfazed by having a prestigious property be the most revisited, New Line is getting closer to the dream of rebooting Police Academy, a prospect that approximately twelve people—which may be overestimating—demanded. The director they’ve selected is Scott Zabielski, whose concentration has been primarily on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. Fear not, however, as he, much like the countless morons from the films who would never be deemed competent police officers in the real world, went through the police academy and serves as a reserve officer in West Hollywood.

Honestly, I feel oddly forgiving and open to the idea of rebooting Police Academy. The first one is a legitimately funny Animal House knockoff and even the second one is okay, plus the fourth one where G.W. Bailey returns and gets abused in increasingly deadly and detrimental ways is a guilty pleasure, but other than that, it’s a concept and series that lacks the investment and legacy of something worth worrying about.

(Personally, I’d give this job to Jody Hill, get Jason Sudeikis as Mahoney and Danny McBride as Tackleberry, maybe even combine it with elements of the second one so they can have Charlie Day play Bobcat Goldthwait’s role. Alas, my pipe dream is probably too good.)

Anyway, Steve Guttenberg has been on record about his willingness and/or involvement in bringing Mahoney back to the franchise, but we have no official word yet. I say give the man some work. Just as long as they keep Matt McCoy and that aggressively meek woman with the high-pitched voice away from this, but it’s fucking Police Academy. I’m sure they have far worse ideas in store.

Source: Deadline