In the pantheon of 80’s higher-education comedies, Summer School isn’t exactly spoken with the same fondness or widespread recognition as John Hughes’ catalog or Back to School or even Revenge of the Nerds, but it has the breezy sense of anarchy that defined the era, plus Mark Harmon’s greatest career achievement (unless you’re a retiree who anticipates the weekend for USA to have an NCIS marathon) and the Rick Baker worshiping, Fangoria reading duo that is Chainsaw and Dave. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but that means jack shit in this business anymore.

Much to my surprise, Paramount has been hell-bent on remaking the film since 2005, where the concept would have involved a more asshole-y Freddy Shoop and a singular teenage protagonist. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci tried doing their thing a couple years back, but apparently, they’re above the concept, and now, Paramount is in talks to reel in Happy Madison to produce the (purportedly) long-threatened update.

Don’t worry, everyone, Adam Sandler is not in talks to play Shoop…yet. He’s just producing this at the moment, which seems redundant in the post-Superbad age, but you know these studios and their “brand awareness” ideology, and I’m sure the very justified success of 21 Jump Street has renewed the “need” for this.

At the most, I’m imploring the powers that be right now: find out when Jon Hamm is on hiatus from Mad Men, call his agent, cast him as Shoop and you’ve got me at the theater opening day.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter