Natalia Castro

Natalia Castro is a Ninja. Sadly not a Tessier-Ashpool ninja, but more like a totally fake one. The blog is now called SNOW CRASHING. If you think the name was inspired by Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash, you are very right.

The Neurotic Monologues: How to convert text-based pdf screenplays to Kindle 3

After two long weeks of ridiculous credit card troubles, unexplainable interrupted transactions, and some seriously effervescent rage, I finally got my precious Kindle.  “Love at first sight” can’t quite encompass what I -and particularly, my eyes – felt the first time I used that wonderful little machine.During those two epically horrible weeks, I developed tunnel vision, … Continue reading

Free Tony the Tiger

Capitalizing from a wild animal by subjecting it to live under inadequate conditions, forcing it to cope with traffic noise harassment and elements that are completely unnatural to a wild animal is outrageous and simply shouldn’t happen. I unfortunately came across this story too late, but it must be shared. From  Be The Change for Animals:Tony, … Continue reading