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R.I.P. Downfallen

Wow. It’s no joke that when you walk the walk you talk things can end rough (or early). Urban Explorer/Photographer Downfallen died recently and I wanted to commemorate his work by posting about him here.I don’t know too much about Downfallen. A couple years ago I started snooping around what is commonly referred to as … Continue reading

Homebrewing- picking a name

One of the stipulations from my gift of a starter homebrewing kit was that I had to get good at it and make a unique brew in celebration of when my baby is born. (It’s due in June.) Maybe pass out bottles like cigars. So far the names my friends and I have come up … Continue reading

Wall Street

With the coming sequel, I finally got around to watching Wall Street. To be honest, it’s not a movie I never thought I’d get around to seeing. That’s kind of odd, considering i’m a Michael Douglas fan, dig the occasional Stone flick, and…well I liked Hot Shots! That gives Sheen a pass. A movie about … Continue reading

Heart of the Matter 01/20/10

Democratic Crybabies The Democrats are so pathetic. Their latest plea is that if Martha Coakley doesn’t win in Massachusetts today, they’ll lose their critical 60-seat Senate block and with it, health care reform. It’s bullshit. If the Democrats wanted to pass health care reform, or anything else, they could do it today. Any time they … Continue reading


My awesome wife got me a starter homebrewing kit as an early birthday present, which means that shortly I’ll be brewing up my own beer. It’s exciting. I’ve become something of a beer snob over the last few years as my tastes have changed and as I started realizing all the many different flavors and … Continue reading