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I never heard the word “mumblecore” until a week ago. Apparently this is a thing. Good to know. Anywhoooo. . . To make a long story short, I liked this film. I had only seen one Duplass Bros (After watching Book Of Eli and Daybreakers this past week, I’m beginning to think that only siblings … Continue reading

Apple iPad Liveblog Transcript

Earlier today, I attended Apple’s unveiling of their new iPad tablet computer.  Here is the transcript of my liveblog from the event.8:00am – iTablet will use LCARS menu system. Wesley Crusher won’t give you a turn. I am a virgin.8:15am – Worried about smudging your iTablet with greasy fried chicken fingers? Don’t be! The iDrip … Continue reading

Heart of the Matter 01/27/10

If the Hippocratic Oath Applied to Intelligence I’m just about done with Tim Weiner’s phenomenal Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA. Two themes are at the heart of the book. First, the Agency has been incompetent from its inception. The roster of incompetence includes subversion operations that cost the lives of hundreds of … Continue reading

Gettin’ Kreuk’d up

Back in the 90’s when I played Street Fighter II, my friends would so-du-ken the shit out of me with Ken and Ryu, as I played with Chun-Li and her spinning bird kick. She is one of my favorite characters from the Capcom series. So when I had the opportunity to DVR Street Fighter: Legend … Continue reading

Heart of the Matter 01/26/10

The Best Lack All Conviction If you want a pristine example of why people view Democrats as feckless wimps, here’s Obama’s statement from yesterday on what the Dems should do about health care reform following Brown’s Massachusetts victory: “Here’s one thing I know and I just want to make sure that this is off the … Continue reading

The Great Grief Experiment: Part 1

Anytime you view a film, be it a new one or an old favorite, your current situation/place in the world/outlook is going to color that film to some degree. Sometimes it totally rearranges your perception of the film in question. I can think of nothing that alters your perception or attitude like a break-up though. … Continue reading