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The Legend of the Car Boot Sale

Car Boot sales are a very British thing, only we would think the best way to make money from our unwanted junk is to gather together with a bunch of other people (doing the same thing) and sell it out of the back of our cars. It’s like a real world Ebay, (without need to … Continue reading

Kick-Ass Is Fucking Awesome

Shaun Of The Dead is a good movie to compare this to. For instance, it’s one of those rare films that I can blanketly recommend to anyone who is friends with me; If you like me, you will like this. Secondly, like Shaun, it will entertain you whether you’re a fan of the genre of … Continue reading

Slow-Motion Quick-Draw #111 – Kick-Ass (2010).

  Immediately upon arrival, the R-rated Kick-Ass has stirred up some small controversy with its inordinate amount of profanity and its extreme violence, most of that involving an eleven-year-old girl. I guess that’s controversial, but haven’t we already had those conversations before, with movies as far back as The Professional? We should probably never be totally comfortable … Continue reading