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'All The Best People'…

This morning I encountered a folder buried on a hard drive that contains audio samples from movies that made me think about some random scenes, sometimes in films that aren’t necessarily on my ‘Watch Again Soon List’, but that are awesome in their own right and bring a smile to my face. I’ll start with … Continue reading

Neaux Way Possible- Watching Lucy Liu

Watching the Detectives is a weird movie, and it might not necessarily be a good movie. But damn if I didn’t enjoy the heck out of it, just for the lovable Lucy Liu. Liu plays a somewhat stalkerish crazy-ass but adorable girlfriend who torments new boyfriend/video store owner Cillian Murphy. The movie plays out as … Continue reading

Alert: "Troll 2" on MGMHD

As the documentary “Best Worst Movie”, nears its April 23rd “release date”, I thought it would be nice to let people know where they can catch the movie the documentary is based on. And in HD to boot!MGMHD (one of the crappier movie channels though scoring points for this) will be showing “Troll 2″ on … Continue reading