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Fine-Toothed Coombs: I Got Nothin'

Gotta be honest, just doin’ this one out of habit. However! Let’s make this fun!Much like site-runner Devin, I have one of them there formspring thingies. So, please feel free to ask me anything. Or, perhaps you’d like to tell me what to talk about next blog. Let’s make this an open forum. Give me … Continue reading

GASH WEDNESDAY #38: Pops or Props?

The lollipop has officially become a fashion accessory, marketed as such by upscale candy company Sugar Factory. By purchasing their Couture Pops, now girls and young women who adore female icons such as Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and the Pussycat Dolls can carry these fashionable, edible lollipops around as an accessory. A young lady (or … Continue reading

200 Words on Plastic Beach

200 Words is a daily burst of ideas, thoughts, or impressions on media, film, and filmmaking. The goal is nothing more or less than conversation. 4/14/10It’s all good news now,Because we left the taps, running, for a hundred years,So drink into the drink, Plastic Cap drink,Drink with the purple, the people, the plastic-eating peopleStill connected, … Continue reading


The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! is premiering on DVD on April 20th and CHUD has been given a copy for giveaway.  Want it?  Here’s what you’ve got to do: Since the characters on the show are gross exaggerations, bad spoofs, mean-spirited caricatures and pornographic and profane homages of existing cartoon characters from the entire … Continue reading