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Chu Ishikawa

Chu Ishikawa is a musician and composer most notably recognized for his film scores and collaborations with Shinya Tsukamoto and Takashi Miike. His music can typically be categorized into the industrial, noise, ambient and metal percussion genres. As a member of Der Eisenrost he has performed in front of live audiences throughout Tokyo. His most popular works have been said to be the soundtracks for Tokyo Fist, Gemini and TETSUO The Bullet Man (an album that featured the apparently final track credited to Trent Reznor's industrial band Nine Inch Nails).   As of... read more

Followers And Following

What is Following? Following is like subscribing to another member; you'll receive notifications of their activity in public areas.   How do I follow another member? To follow a member, visit their profile page and click the "Follow Member" link under their avatar. You will be able to "unfollow" someone in the same place.   What will I be notified about? When following another member, you'll be notified about many of the same things that appear in their activity feed: replying to threads, writing reviews, and other actions they take around the... read more

Daily Prize Wiki

2.3.11 - Unknown Medium T-Shirt (Winner: Tim Pederson, David Cooper) 2.4.11 - Hall Pass Swag (Winner: Benway) 2.8.11 - Grim Reaper: End of Days advance reading copy (Winner: Rene Rangel) 2.9.11 - Dr. Who  - A Christmas Carol BLU-RAY (Winner: TBD) 2.15.11 - Rifftrax DVDs (Winner: Bachmelle) 3.21.11 - bubbatwo420 (Winner: Next Three Days DVD) 3.22.11 - GQ on the EQ (Mechanic Shirt) 3.23.11 - Tim Pederson (Badlands Comic) 3.24.11 - Relaxing Dragon (Source Code) 3.25.11 - Cinemactik (Art of Sucker Punch)   3.28.11 - The Prankster (Dollhouse... read more

Guy Dot Com

The new web site Nick's involved with.   Where is it?   At read more


    Cast:   Mariah Carey Max Beesley Da Brat Terrence Howard Eric Benet Padma Lakshmi     Soundtrack:   The soundtrack for this film was produced on two golden wax cylinders carved from the remains of Esther Rolle.     Fun Facts:   Trivia: While no sane person admits to owning the film, it sold 470,000 copies in its first week on DVD. Trivia: Originally intended to be a vehicle for Gary Glitter. Goofs: Background extras using modern cellphones in a film that took place in the early-to-mid 1980s.     Related... read more

How To Properly Report A Bug

What is Broken: I’m unable to post to a Forum. (this should be short & sweet) Where Was I (include URL): ex: Http:// Note: This will be the URL at which the error takes place, or the URL where the Steps to Reproduce (see below) begin. Browser Version/Operating System: Visit this URL: And copy/paste the results in your report. How many times? (Number of times you saw this problem: e.g.,  only once, or it was repeatable, was it intermittent?) Date? (when did this problem start happening, to the best of... read more

Preventing Flame Wars

1.^ "The Heat of the Internet: Flaming (2003). 12.6.10"   According to Wikipedia...   Flaming, also known as bashing, is hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users. Flaming usually occurs in the social context of a Internet forum, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Usenet, by e-mail, game servers such as Xbox Live or Playstation Network, and on video-sharing websites. It is frequently the result of the discussion of heated real-world issues such as politics, sports, religion, and philosophy, or of issues that polarise subpopulations, but can also be... read more

My Fan Made Movie Posters

  "I wanna post them all." - myers87   My Fan Made Movie Posters is a popular CHUD message board thread created by myers87 on January 2, 2007, originally to showcase his graphic design skills by way of movie poster explorations.  It later became an ever-expanding collection of poster parodies designed by others.       BACKGROUND   Myers87's poster concepts generally tend to focus on sequels, often simply adding a number to an existing title.  For example: SCREAM 4, ALIEN 5, BAD BOYS III, and so on.  This approach, along with myers87's tendency to... read more

Bruce Wayne

Modern Era Bruce Wayne loves your posts.     Old Bruce Wayne wants to stab you in the face for using emoticons.       First appearance Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)   In August of 2007, Nick started a thread entitled You Guys Are Good At Photoshop, Right? His intent was to commission an all-purpose image that could be posted to signify the "death" of a thread (due to derailing or pointless gag posting) without further degrading the discourse through personal insults. Although this request fell under some suspicion, several members dutifully... read more

Test Wiki

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