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So I spent all my free time this weekend playing this, so never got around to setting up a streaming Twitch channel.  I also took a look at how to do that and was like "Ugh, too much work". I usually don't go near the computer on week days, so odds are I won't have this set up for Tzu to watch us.  Anyone else have streaming already set up?
Deuce Francos?!?
Yeah, Leslie Jones doesn’t ever act that good. I don’t think she was expecting it in the mouth.
So the premiere is happening right now.  How long until we get the "It's the best Star Wars since Empire" review?  I have seen someone say that about every damn Star Wars since Attack of the Clones.  Including Attack of the Clones!
The old crappy gear you just break down for glimmer or weapons parts.  Just highlight it in the inventory screen and hold down X.  As for the clan, I think either Codename, Saxon, or Jacob have to invite you since they are the mods.  I think just send them your screen name.  I don't really know.   Played around some more tonight with my alt Warlock.  Managed to get her to lvl 25 and light lvl 306.  Also got a helmet that makes me look like a demonic deer.     I...
I guess just Sparrow around as much as possible hoping you don't get shot in the back.
Jesus, that Nightfall strike was a bitch. I don't know how people can finish those with over five minutes left in the timer. But today got me to 207. And that regular strike was pretty tough as well. Now I just need to finish that Osiris campaign
Jesus. I think I was already married to my first wife.
I was really drunk last night and forgot I was even doing that. I don't even remember what I was playing. I think I rage quit an Osiris boss. I don't know. I may have beat it, I'll have to check. Anyways, I may be able to set up Twitch easier now.
Tzu, I want you to know I am currently trying to figure out Twitch and how to set up a streaming channel. Be aware I am fucking drunk and am probably fucking it up, but I'm trying!
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