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I'm also still into D2 and always willing to group up....when my schedule allows.  This weekend is just a bad time.  I may actually be on later on Saturday when my daughter is napping.  So if I manage to peel myself away from Olympics and hop on, I'm willing to at least do a strike or two if anyone else is on.
I got up at 4:50 this morning to watch it. It was worth it to not have to listen to commentary and be interrupted every 5 minutes for 12 minutes of commercials.  And what the hell was up with USA's ugly ass cowboy gloves?
Ah thanks!  I was wondering that myself. I thought the ceremony was okay.  Not near as good as Russia's two years ago.  The weird, ironic thing about it was for an opening ceremony that had a video touting North Korea's technological future (My wife: "What am I watching?" Me: "An episode of Black Mirror."), the majority of the ceremony relied on decades old floor projection nonsense.  I thought they would step up their game, but they kind of wasted those rolling LED light...
Sorry guys.  I'm going to have to bow out this week.  Just found out my wife has the flu, so I'm going to be the point man with the daughter all weekend long.   On a positive note, my daughter is going to learn all about the fine art of Curling.  That's right.  My wife has the flu and I have Olympic Fever.
I wielded my mighty controller like a flaming sword of Justice and killed more than 10 people in one match once.
I’ll iust keep an eye out for a Humble or GMG sale.
You guys have almost convinced me to switch to The Division. Edit: Jesus, it's still a 50 dollar game? Fuck that.
It's not a problem anymore. Bought a 4k tv. Now the problem is the player had a tendency to lock up.
Goddammit. We watched Fury Road on Blu-ray tonight, and my damn Sony 4k player froze up twice. Once I had to unplug it in order to restart it. The other time about 30 before the movie ended. Read up on it and sure enough, it's a pretty common problem with this player. Damn.
It doesn't do 3d, so that's kind of a bummer. But I still have my older TV.
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