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 Not a day goes by that I don't hope and pray that a sequel was part of Ron Howard's deal in signing on to Solo. That said... a lack of James Horner will make me sad.
I was intrigued by the first trailer.  I did research, aka read the book.  Did not like it.  This new trailer doesn't get my hopes up, so, enjoy, and netflix it is for me.
A. Looks like, B. probably not since there are tons of knock off fonts... and C. Cognitive dissonance for the win.  
BTS of shooting at a festival.  Jordan looks absolutely miserable amongst the hoi polloi.  Can't wait.  
 I know I'm likely just seeing things, but I can't help but see Obama's face in that upturned vehicle (below the front right tire).  If intentional, bravo.  If not, I'm crazy/its kismet.
I just want to know more about the B-team bridge crew, because, with blue robot girl, black guy comms officer, and helmsman with a weird thing on her head (cosmetic? Cybernetic implant?  Something medical due to injuries sustained during the Shenzou blowing up?)  All I know is she didn't have it in the pilot, and i'd be hard pressed to name any of them.  Tilly rocks, though.
Yeah, I love the design.  A nice mix of TOS Enterprise, the movies (my personal fave) and the modern Discovery aesthetics.   Wonder who they're gonna cast as Spock, cause by that look between Burnham and Sarek, you know he's showing up.
 Well, that was touched upon in the movie, but, well, those were simpler times.
Maybe they can use the phantom backlog of fully finished scripts for Lucas' entire run of the vaporware live action series.  Before the sale, of course.
The King is dead!  Long live the King!
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