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I don't give a shit about spoilers.  I just want the score already.  What happened to the tuesday release date?
Timeline of events:   Comic con trailer drops.  Looks fun, what is this?  Buys book as a result.  Hate it.  Second trailer doesn't help, despite the fun needle drops.   Although Spielberg does have an ability to elevate source material.  For example dropping the Hooper/Mrs. Brody affair.
 And that totally wasn't acting, she was legit trying not to throw up on live tv.  Actually, pretty convinced she did.
Rian's pre premiere tweet is awesome.   And Disney gave Kelly Marie Tran control of their instagram, and the results are delightful.
Was disappointed Hoechlin didn't show up for the crossover.  Ray meeting Supes would be the exact type of cheesy meta humor that make these shows charming.  See also Garber complaining about the designer of the Titanic.   And I've never gotten the Felicity hate until now.  Way to completely hijack another couple's spontaneous romantic moment, and make it all about you.
If we're doing six degrees of separation, I'm one degree away from that asshole.  I need a shower.
My only concern is Mr. Bettany reviewing his Marvel contract and having to pass.  Subject to the requirements of the service.  Otherwise, Mr. Weir, beat to quarters.
I for one hope the bird isn't flightless.  Cue the Boccherini.
It would explain douche husband's treatment of him somewhat.  Didn't they imply her and Hop was in high school, if it happened at all?   So team Jonathan would make more sense... unless she went back to Hop, and then, well, why not both?
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