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Oh God, the bit with Luke almost lightsabering proto-Kylo Ren is going to be the new "Metropolis collateral damage" moment that gives everyone real-life PTSD.
Maybe it was a freighter that was hauling Space Coors?
I dug Stage Fright. The villain looks like a high school mascot, but it's part of the charm.
They had done some pre-gaming before piling into the ship that they crashed moments later into a pauper's grave.
Ragnarok is probably a better Star Wars movie than the actual Star Wars movie that came out this year.
Out of theaters by January.
Should Disney just cancel the rest of the Star Wars movies and shift their attention to other matters, like Avengers vs. The X-Men?
Okay, point taken. I will settle for an EU novel that I won't read, but will skim an iO9 review.
We need like a prequel to this trilogy to clarify some shit. How did Snoke get to Kylo in the first place? A message board?
Such a great character. Best villain of 2017 that isn't in the White House.
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