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I'm hoping the next season will be Night of the Creeps influenced. Considering the end of this season, I really hope so. And for the one after that, The Blob.
This show was quite the unexpected treat. I really want to see what happens next.
This looks interesting as hell.
Getting cavities filled in your teeth is more compelling than Moonraker.
 He's a crook of some sort. Of what sort I can't say. But I guess he has a bunch of money tied up on the other guy's bitcoin servers and he can't get to them. He's a loquacious motherfucker though. That is certain. 
Holy shit! That's tremendous! Congratulations!
Too much. Way too much by all accounts.
It reminds me of a time when sci-fi still had some optimism. Before the baby boomers killed it during their hangover from the sixties.
For some reason, thinking about this show is making me really happy. It's by no means some sort of happy go lucky story but it feels like there's a really strong positive emotion behind it that's not present in much of today's pop culture. I cannot wait for more.
Just three episodes in but I'm loving it. It's Steven King by way of Amblin. How could I not love it? And the more I watch it the more I get an urge to watch Silver Bullet for some reason.
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