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This episode was the living embodiment of the Super Mario Bros game over sound.
Check out the comments. Fucking buffoons.   I refuse to talk with anyone about climate change unless they demonstrate to me beforehand that they know the difference between climate and weather. But polar vortex! Fucking morons.
Pete, at least subconsciously, continues his quest to be Don. I keep mistaking Bonnie for Betty.
That was easily the most difficult fight of the game. If you got past it you can safely raise the difficulty again.
Kelly Brook's character in Piranha 3D. And I'm dead serious. Besides looking like Kelly Brook she was also a nice person. She should have been the one to survive.
 I really hope she turns evil in the future. Some Targaryen madness would liven things up a lot.
The "duel" scene was shot really well, too. Really well. And I looove Dany's Imperial March music.
Maslany continues to surprise me time and time again. How great is her acting? So great that you can tell which clone is impersonating which from the first moment you see her. She's fucking freakishly good. 
Yeah, that was a pretty great episode.
Seriously, the guy is aces.   The stupid voice. The stupid mannerisms. He's so gloriously hateable. This is a show simply stacked with talent and he still manages to make me fix on him.
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