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 A ton of these happened on both sides. Feeding the enemy bad intelligence is a very old tradition. The Persians probably lost the Battle of Salamis because of one such operation. Reagan apologists even try to spin the entire Star Wars program as such. I love that getting burned by the propellers may make the Soviets not go after the Stealth program.
It makes Hulk look less like a plastic prop.
My mouse is being drawn to that spoiler link by some mysterious force. Damn you, felix.
Not the all out classic the show deserved for what might be its final episode but I liked it a lot.
 Birthday parties of Central Asian dictators? Jennifer Lopez style. Time to get paid.
 Wu-Tang got nothing to fuck with.  [[SPOILER]]
Shweeet! Amon Amarth are coming to my town on May 10. I haven't gone to a decent live show in forever.
So my fears are confirmed. The homicidal terrorists are the good guys and the scientists are the villains? Peachy.   Pass. If I want an anti-intellectual screed I'll watch God Is Not Dead. That way the waste of talent won't make me cry.
Yeah. Their relationship had about the shittiest resolution possible.
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