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In all likelihood, if it indeed happened on Putin's orders, the way it was done was a message.   "There's nothing I can't do to you."
And to put a cap on the Photoshop vs. drawing discussion:  
Mark was one straight man too many. Especially once Ben came into the show.
 Yeah, that was a pretty cool resolution. Something humans have been using against creatures that can outfight them since the dawn of time. People have been saying it felt anticlimactic but to me it felt like the most dangerous Hood has ever been.
 Case solved. 
No stone will be left unturned until the perpetrators are brought to justice.
Fists made of ham, wrapped in gloves made from the core of a neutron star. Seriously, that last scene in the kitchen felt written by a fifteen year old. "Hey he's supposed to be this great guy but we forgot to show it in the movie. Can you write a scene in a couple of minutes where his wife tells us how great a guy he is?"
Holy shit, that felt fucking great.   "Hey."
I finally got to watch it. Politics aside, the script was outright bad. His final scenes with his family bothered me more than the fake baby. I couldn't not groan. I like the military stuff as a geek but everything else really wasn't up to par.
It was a phenomenal shot.
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