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Don't watch The Two Jakes. It's not worth the time.
Lucky guy.
Sabaton are very fun. Just balls to the wall, non ironic metal.
Champions league is fucking phenomenal today. It's raining goals.
In their delusional, experience starved minds the stupid monikers and "with us or against us" mentality represent some brave and principled stand. SJW and the like is their couch potato approximation of military speak. They can probably feel the couple of hairs on their chests curl extra hard whenever they set up their next "op" on 4chan or whatever /r/mensrights offshoot subreddit they use.   I was always in the middle in the "conflict" between gamers and the "new games...
 Exactly. King Kong's major sin too. There's an argument to be made about not giving directors carte blanche. Let's also not forget that Jackson is adapting inferior material with these.
 At no point does the movie withhold its contempt for everyone other than Tyler/Narrator involved with Project Mayhem. It's only natural for us to transfer this contempt to the meatheads unable to understand what this movie is literally screaming about.
So, is it safe to say that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas?
Once you unlock a bunch of the crazier skills Mordor becomes the epitome of power fantasy. This is the best superhero game ever. 
 It makes a lot of storytelling sense. If things happen as I guess, having past Nucky selling his soul to the devil and current Nucky trying to redeem his past in the same episode will provide symmetry. The way I read it this is the driving force behind Nucky's actions, misdirected as they were. What he did messed him up so bad that the only thing he could think of was trying to drown it out in money and power. So now he's stripping himself of the gains from his devil's...
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