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I wouldn't even mind if it exclusively about the Wasp.
It's FIFA, of course it will be corrupt.
Ding dong the witches are dead! Down with the old corrupt status quo!   Time for someone new and corrupt.
I like Castle because Fillion is a charming motherfucker and Katic is stupid good looking. If Stapleton unclenches a bit Blindspot can go on for a while, loony conspiracy theory or no.   
I love the overarching Thanos plot simply for the fact that such cosmic comicbook fuckery is actually mainstream now.
 Yeah. Going along with a big ass, sinister looking robot with anger issues while it builds an army of robots seems like a smart thing. Especially since during scuffles with the Avengers Ultron just fucks around while Wanda and Pietro are the ones actually fucking them up. Which means they don't even need him. Them working with him feels to me like a script note "three sides are harder to follow, how about the bad guys working together?"
Carson and the idiots that think like him probably think it would go down like the last shootout in Unforgiven. 
So it's just a matter of time until a hacker posts him on 4chan.
You know what would have made this movie better? If Pietro and Wanda were a third party, not Ultron's lackeys. They wouldn't appear this dumb to the audience, for one.
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