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 She doesn't.
 There's a quest coming up (you'll know which one). After finishing it, go speak to the wizard.
You haven't really played Divinity if you haven't restarted at least once.
 Yeah. Boo-hiss to my objectifying male gaze and all but yeah. So much more fun a pairing than BatJesus and Lostman too.
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes should put the whole mocap vs. practical issue to bed. Assuming comparable budget and talent. I like practical effects as much as anyone but there is no contest right now.
 It's bronze. Doesn't seem brown to me.
Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye are pissing me off. This would have been a great poster if not for their dumb faces.
As I said elsewhere this movie is three for three when it comes to costumes. 
 I heartily approve. Three for three when it comes to costumes.
I can't believe how much that "It's complicated." nonsense answer is still bothering me. It's like they want to portray that the guy is having communication problems with his daughter by having him not be able to communicate even on a basic level.   "What was that dog doing in the trunk?" ...silence.   "What was mom doing here?" "It's complicated."   Next episode:   "Is breakfast ready?" "What does 'ready' mean?"
New Posts  All Forums: