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I liked the episode but there's a point where milking a scene for drama robs it of all urgency and tension.
This looks almost nothing like the books but hell, Idris Elba is like the coolest motherfucker in the history of the universe. I'm on board even if it's only for him.
I'm not dreading them. I'm anticipating them.
Just thinking about the think-pieces and the twitter hot takes, oooh... 
 One can only wish.
Dibs on the blond guy standing next to Tintin.
I don't think the circumstances of his banishment where ever brought up other than mom saying nothing in his defense.
He blocked him with the power of plot.   Anyway, I love these crazy girls too much to get small things like super handwavy writing get in the way of my enjoyment.
If they're actual eldritch abominations then they're amoral. If being an eldritch abomination is simply who they choose to be, then they're immoral.   It's a subtle distinction, but at least in my mind the latter is worse. 
Considering what Starz managed with Black Sails, I'm not too worried. And the sound-stagey stuff probably was like that not for budget reasons but aesthetic ones.
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