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I liked it a lot. So far Constantine really is the truest rendition of a property out of every comic book show.
Seriously, Dr. Fate, The Spectre, I was half expecting Swamp Thing to cameo.
Growing up in a similar blue collar environment was what made me love the second season on first sight I guess. Everything about those guys felt so true. The circumstances were less extreme of course but their psychology was remarkably accurate. 
The fact that Terry Crews isn't even being considered for this is almost enough to make me ignore it out of principle.
Typos? That's weird.
Yup. It would suck if they left everything as is now.
Apparently World Of Warcraft has once again above 10 million active subscribers after Warlords of Draenor.   I can't wait to re sub. People have been singing the praises of the expansion non stop to me.
Yeah, I wish the casting in mystery shows could be subverted. Because "the recognizable actor did it" really saps all the suspense. 
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