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  That wasn't Morgoth. It was Sauron. Sauron was Morgoth's lieutenant. Nowhere near as powerful. Galadriel was no mere D&D elf. Tolkien's mythology follows the old trope of constant decline. Each generation is less formidable than the last one. And Galadriel is ancient. Her age is measured in millennia not years or centuries. She's part of the second generation of elves that walked the earth and even among them she was special. That's a generation of elves that...
  Actually, without the ring Galadriel is easily more powerful than Sauron. If she had accepted the ring in Fellowship she could have simply walked into Mordor and proceed to slap around Sauron without breaking a sweat.  
You know, I think that terrible forced romance may have been my biggest source of negativity in these last couple of films. I liked Lilly a lot but jeez that thing stunk.
You could fill a good part of a Top 20 with Coen movies and not have much problems.
 That made me laugh too. What was Sinatra's excuse for skipping the draft in WW2? Perforated eardrum or something?
The whole trilogy was about as good as could be expected from the source material.   And yes this is me attacking the book because I cannot handle how cold I felt about this.
Another instance of Pitt's rumored assholery costing him a part?
That's not a Christ pose.
 Seriously. It had supersonic jetbike surfing. Objectively the apex of film making. Nick sold out. #Top100ghazi. 
Considering that I unironically wanted that leaked "cybernetic dinosaur commandos" to get made, I love this.
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