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Yup. They did it again. Someday Simon is going to make a show I won't love, mark my words.   And the cinematography is fucking phenomenal.
I'm gonna go on Thursday. For some reason I'm not that excited but whatever.
I hope if that happens they get a writer with a minimum idea of what a Conan story should be about.
I know. It's basically the main reason I watch no more than a couple of fights a year now.
So what happened? Was the first judge watching a different match than the other two by mistake? 
For some reason people, even metalheads, are still surprised when I point out how progressive leaning some very big bands like Kreator are.
But how does he really feel about her? I'm not really clear on this.
Fuck them. This feels so weird to me. It's probably been a decade since I saw actual violence in a metal show. This feels like a personal insult.
The best diet advise I ever read:   Eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables.
I did not expect this to look that good. I'm in if it ever shows up in my neck of the woods.
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