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Holy shit, you're right.
As I said before, if you're actually getting triggered you have PTSD and need to see a psychiatrist so you can stop getting triggered. If you don't have PTSD you're just getting upset. In which case you can go fuck yourself.
My hair started graying and falling at 18. My beard is half white now.   But thankfully nose, ear and back hair are healthy as fuck.   WOOOOOO! 
That lady should be giving lessons.
Bradito's idea is terrible.  [[SPOILER]]
That whole joke killed.   And where his fantasies somewhat modeled after Tom Cruise's in Eyes Wide Shut, especially the first one, or am I mistaken? 
This stuff gets me sexually excited.
I fucking knew I'd seen nooj's cap somewhere! It was driving me nuts. Thanks Andy!
This show thinks it's smarter than it actually is. And it does so in a completely obnoxious way. I'm out.   Pity.
Not really.
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