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That was a movie made on autopilot if there ever was one. I don't think that there was a single person involved that even for a single morning woke up and felt excited about going to work. And it shows. Pity.
Oh no. Oh man, that sucks.
How fun would it be if Hobbits turned out to be violent homophobes?
 Who in the motherfuck bought this? 
Nope. It's just you.
 Oh shit what's going on with her legs? Is the plot of the movie that she's an Arrival alien?
The clubs have become too big and too good for the national teams to compete. Are the national teams really that impressive compared to the teams we watch day in and day out?
I think that weirdly enough my fucked up depressed brain is what stopped me from getting addicted to shit. I just don't enjoy things enough for me to crave them after I'm done. Even more weirdly I seem to be developing a taste for the gym as I get better, not of booze or cigarettes, which are things I also do.   And the slowing of metabolism. If only I spent half the time I bust my ass now while I was younger instead of eating whole rotisserie chickens...
Really, it's good? Do not mess with me and my love of the boys.
I haven't heard anything about this but it just screams scheduling conflict to me.
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