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Yeah. I was bored yesterday afternoon and went to see it. It's quite fun. If I were a kid I'd be losing my shit over it.
Check this out.   The software had "Test missile alert" and "Missile alert" next to each other in a fucking drop down menu. I'm surprised it took this long this to happen. According to my experience with IT this should be a monthly occurrence. 
I'm liking this show more than I expected. Much more. Especially the mirror universe stuff.   Though I'd love to see some hints about when Imperial humanity zigged while Federation humanity zagged. 
You know the funniest part about it for me? I remembered the ads about it. They used to run in Guns And Weapons For Law Enforcement magazine forever.   That magazine was actually my first exposure to autopsy photos too.  
Are you talking about Zathura?
 Don't you want to know about John's life in high school?
Has there been a single episode where Q hasn't been insufferable? 
 Just finished Warmaster and Devastation Of Baal. Waiting for the Battle Of Terra to start with the Horus Heresy books.  I mostly only check out books from a handful of authors. Keeping up with everything feels like a full time job.
And here I am, seemingly unable to stop reading Warhammer 40K novels.
Yeah. Only insecurity about your penis is more common than conflicted feelings towards your father among men.
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