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I'm more excited about this than I am about Doctor Strange and Rogue One combined. And I don't care who knows it.
I took that as left over baby talk.
Leon is not even the fifth best Besson film. Which really says a lot. 
Avian. Buddy. That's an inordinate amount of effort you dedicate towards freakin' CW shows. Each of them can be summed up in a single sentence that will cover 90% of the discussion you can have.   -Non threatening female empowerment. -Angsty assholes. -History's greatest monster. -Keystone cops. 
It's a good thing that Chloe Bennet is so good looking because I wouldn't be able to handle my hate for Daisy's character if it was un-dulled.   Strangely enough, I dig the hell out of the Ghost Rider. 
Come on. Even the staunchest heterosexual man cannot be blind to the reason women would love this. 
The looming specter of the CW taking this bundle of joy and infecting it with the same angsty bullshit Arrow and Flash are full of is really dampening my joy at watching Benoist kill it.
 It has lower framerates, lower resolution, smaller field of view. However this doesn't seem to cause many problems with immersion. Its ergonomics are the best of the bunch. But its motion tracking sucks ass. It's finicky and can get laggy. That's what I managed to pick up from all over the place. Out of all this, I doubt anything is going to get fixed by the Pro.
Also, people change.
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