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I know Hannibal is a heightened show, but the thought of him surviving both a bullet to the liver and that fall rubs me in all the wrong ways. He may as well be Jason.   I was very into forensics for a while and bullets to the liver have very high morbidity, even when the victim is treated.  
Dean Winters? Is that you?
 As soon as I get back home my RROG is going to bite the dust, hard. I have rings with up to 10% higher DPS waiting. Which will put my barbarian over 800K unbuffed DPS. Once a second Bul Kathos weapon drops I'll run a couple of lvl 50 G-rifts and retire him so I can focus on my seasonal character.
Actually, LOTR and the relative fiction were created by by Tolkien, heavily influenced by other all white *gasp* works like Beowulf and the Kalevala,  explicitly as an alternate British mythology. Cultural diversity makes zero sense in this context. Persons of color are about as fitting as white dudes in the Ramayana or Journey To The West.
To be honest Emily Blunt can never convince me as a badass either.
Damn woman, why did you have to go and steal the movie right from under my boy Tom?
Not epic, though.
Come to think of it, having RezJon turn heel could be a pretty interesting development. Trying to "pacify" Westeros by taking over the Walkers and marching them south.
I like AOS more than most, but there is nothing epic whatsoever about it and there never has been.
Yes they did.
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