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These fears are silly.   If anything, I liked subsequent viewings better than the first one. Timing and rhythm and momentum are not things that fade with repetition. Not to mention the horde of details that you can catch when your senses aren't being pummeled by your first exposure to this.
Huh. An actually good episode. Who would have thought?
 Ohmygod! They're so cute together! What is it with these two turning me into a teen girl when they're together? Are these formative experiences of our youth really that powerful? Anyway, I loved this episode again. And I really love world weary, sarcastic Murlder. 
The self hating song went from funny to shocking in no time. Man, this show is operating such a high level right now.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
 The part about the medical bay trying to go into hospice mode was great too.
The more musicals I can watch, the better.
That was pretty badass. Warmed the cockles of my musical loving heart.   And mad props to Hudgens. 
Holy shit this is the best photograph ever.
Personally, I found all the Murph business completely unconvincing.
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