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Damn, that's a lot of swimming they have to do now.
CHUD's official TV. Nice!
I won't lie. I let out a giggle of joy at animated Professor X.
Boooo!   That's a bummer.
The new poster is the first piece of media related to this movie that ever warranted a second look. But that's just me speaking as a Giger fan.
The director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven may well be a different movie than the theatrical. I just get sad when I think of someone like Crowe as Balian instead of Orlando freakin' Bloom.
That was fun as hell. I just wish Melissa Benoist just turn down her whole thing because I'm supposed to be past the age of crushing on TV characters.
 Yeah, I noticed that too. And I loved it.
If it wasn't for this, I still wouldn't remember how Luke Cage ended. So it has that going for it, I guess.
Being Greek and therefore intimately familiar with offal in a culinary way, I was always amused by the exaggerated reactions to haggis. 
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