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Supernatural probably spent as much for their effects as a pair of colored contact lenses cost.
Wait, he actually shot the FBI agents?
From reading about the movie I got the impression that Brolin's involvement played a not insignificant role in the movie being a toothless mess. 
We don't know they're dead.
 Don't worry. You're right on target. Felicity's mailing address is Pander City. Not that I don't like her but she's 100% Pure Grade A Nerd Bait.
Ad hominem attacks are not criticism. They are logical fallacies.   Criticism: Her thesis is poorly worded/researched/presented. Followed by presentation of evidence of this.   Ad hominem: She's just looking for fame. She doesn't even play video games. 
 That put the freaking brakes on my thinking of getting it. RE 4 was a great game. But everything I hear about this screams shitshow.
 I like how they teased the reveal of just a regular looking dude. And yeah, Oliver practically declaring war on the fucking League Of Assassins so he can protect a person who killed hundreds of innocent people is too stupid to comprehend.
 Warhammer 40K and metal? Off to Spotify!
More than once, I think.
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