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 He doesn't the necessary grasp on reality to know how much he's fucking up. 
Did the characters actually make fun of the game's trailer?
I'm having a great time.
Yeah, he was mostly doing what Kevin Mitnick called "social engineering" a lot of the time. And the lingo and methods were way better used than they usually are on TV.
This is the most un-USA USA show possible.
On recollection these were the best things about Jurassic World:   The aforementioned glory of the raptor charge. Being able to look at Bryce Dallas Howard. Seeing the kids in the cinema get alternately excited and terrified. It really was quite fun and not distracting at all. Of course the movie barely had anything to get distracted from.
I was born for this shit!
 Just think of me as the canary in the goldmine.
 What is really about is the government running to hide under the people's skirt so they won't have to admit just how bad they fucked the situation up.
We'll be OK for the next month so assuming a non complete meltdown we'll fare as good as can be expected.
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