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I'm always impressed by how hard Blizzard hit on pop culture with Overwatch. It's kind of nuts.
 Main story and secondary quest completion is by a huge margin the quickest way to level up. Running around and killing mobs does nothing.
This thread is turning in to "The Trials and Tribulation of Andy Bain."   Your misfortunes amuse me. Proceed. 
Good to know you're doing well, man. 
Yeah, they showed a couple of scenes of dudes getting out of bed but they didn't explicitly say Lucifer boned them.
I think I'd actually faint from fear and anxiety if I ever was face to face with her. And her beauty would be merely one of reasons I'd do so.
Oh, you're gonna love it.
Yeah, she feels so far apart from everyone that she can't be expected to deal with things in a "normal" way.
 It's all about Ghost and Fear Factory for me. Both Meliora and Genexus were top flight albums and I'm excited to hear what's coming up.
No wonder Hupert won the Golden Globe.   WOW. I really don't think I've seen a better performance this year, male or female. And the movie is so magnificently Verhoeven. Removing himself from Hollywood's vampirism continues to prove a great decision again and again.
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