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Don't feel bad.
 Cumberbatch stars in a TV show that is kind of big with the geek crowd. Sherlock I think it's called. And he's in an upcoming kind of big fantasy movie. I'm not saying he won't be Dr. Strange. It would be quite cool, actually. But the logic is hinky. 
 Yeah, I'm done too. This show's characters seem literally tailor made to piss me off. I really must be wholly incompatible with Lindeloff.
Red Riding, for all it did good, was actually guilty of the "ain't I gritty and profound?" self aggrandizement people attributed to True Detective.
Accounting for a restart Steam has me at 27 hours played in Divinity and I'm not even out of Cyseal yet. This is going to be Baldur's Gate 2 kind of big. I'm hopelessly hooked. If they sort some inventory problems out I'll have no problem at admitting it in my Top 10 RPGs ever. It's easily game of the year for me.   The fact that Civ 5 is calling my name again isn't helping matters when it comes to time committed gaming. I went to bed at 4 AM on account of these two.
That's why books are the only physical thing I collect.
 I'm pretty sure he meant to say Sebastian Stan.
But us foreign devils already hate Captain America, remember? Our racism will only be the cherry on top of our already existing freedom hating pie.
Considering the current developments in the comic book Anthony Mackie seems like a lock to me.
 You're describing death.
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