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"How can you manage to work when you're on your period?"   "Have you ever cooked for your actors?"   "Who are you dating?"
Freeman is a well known xenophobe. Of course he wouldn't care about a bunch of Eastern Europeans.
It's happening!   It's happening!
If you want something like that on CS:GO you can make it. And then actually make money off it.
Dammit nooj, you stole my joke.
 Blatter simply buys off the votes from small countries.  This is going to sound incredibly elitist and un-democratic but there is no goddamned fucking way a vote by fucking Cayman Islands should have the same weight as a vote by Argentina, Brazil, or any of the major European FAs. 
Alan Moore is probably working on some Doomsday spell right now.
I watched this back to back with Kung Fury first thing in the morning and now I feel like I'm in some of alternate universe.
Did some hardware voodoo on my card and along with dropping a lot of the visual bells and whistles I can proudly say I'm 7 hours into this. That griffin fight sure was a rude awakening. I need better swords.
It's shot like a 90's TV show with a huge budget. The fire engine chase and the end are all I remember.
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