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 I hope it's racism. I'm super racist in WOW against the Horde. The only good Horde is a dead horde.
 The thing is, Sarkeesian is very much a gamer. She games plenty. I cannot think of anything other than her gender being the lightning rod. For fuck's sake, Felicia Day was more hardcore than 99% of these dweebs. And I'm talking about old school Ultima Online hardcore. 
No way is this season worse than the last. This does not compute.
You can almost feel invisible hands grabbing you and pulling you into the frame. This freaked me out a bit I must admit.
 She's not beaten with a bat.
Humans don't look like imbeciles any more? 
There's always something left. I have nothing left is not a valid reason. Take it from someone who has been full blown suicidal for a while.
It's not gonna be grimdark. Apart from the scenes of massive destruction which should really be grimdark unless they're going for a whole other kind of movie. I want to see how many people will start counting civilian fatalities in this, Man Of Steel style. 
Yup. Peaceful mode. All the crafting none of the monsters. And it also has creative mode which gives you unlimited everything.
Fuck them, indeed.
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