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Thank you for your service.
Fret not.   There are a TON of worse things people are fanboyish about. And not that many better ones.
Ugh. I'm tired of seeing this this stupid video everywhere.   It's like this is the opposite of the early nineties. Instead of nerds wanting everyone to be a schizophrenic, murdering junkie it's now gone all the way around to "Where are mah primary colors?!?!?!?! REMEMBER FUN?!?!?"
I'll stick with this until the season comes to whatever it is they want. But next season better be all about heads getting unstuck from asses or I'll drop it within a couple of episodes. 
There's no way the Center isn't monitoring the calls coming in and out of the house. Shit will go down next season.
This is prime opportunity for Italian and Turkish Spider-Mans to have a shot at glory again.
 It's a good fight. A worthy fight. 
Maybe Kyle MacLachlan can change into Lou Ferrigno.
Woll should also be giving lectures on how women should wear pencil skirts.
Billy Zane's hiding is not for you guys to understand. Just experience it.
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