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It was supposed to be a hoax! Motherfuck!   God fucking damn it.   Edit: I'm seriously thinking about flipping my fucking desk right now.
 With Amos, I presume.
There have been plenty of shows with engaging pilots and no prior knowledge of characters or storylines. They just weren't made on autopilot like the first half of season one was.
 I'm talking about being engaging. Not literally having this episode for a pilot. 
And again, imagine if the show started with episodes on this level instead of procedural but with superheroes (kinda.)
Yeah, even the pure technical details of such acting baffle me. This is some matryoshka doll shit going on.
Entitled fucking douche. 
Eh. I want them to conform to at least a common baseline when coming to my country. It's only fair that I should extend the same.  
 This should be known as "Doing the Lindeloff." Jumping into the deep end but then awkwardly dog-paddling towards safety.
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