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In my dreams Bradito is Noah Emmerich's PR guy.
This will go five seasons. FX loves it. These shows are like flytraps for talent, a la Mad Men for AMC.
I'm not watching the trailer.   I'm not watching the trailer.   I'm not watching the trailer.   I'm a strong, independent, virile man who don't need no more hype.
Fuck Chuck. Cowardly little piece of shit. Fucking over his own brother?   And Mike being Old Man Batman is good in small doses. The show is right keeping the spotlight on Jimmy.
Because he's currently the Geek Pope?
A Whiplash reference wrapped up in a Karate Kid reference? Woah.   And the reference to Frankie also being the IT lady was dope.
The famous outlaw.
If they only show the mouths they can fit up to thirty people on screen!
TVs are 16/9 now. All this horizontal space cannot go to waste.
A pissed off and committed Flint with a man-o-war and at least the tacit approval of Vane and his maniacs wouldn't be someone I'd want to be at odds with. Spanish gold or not.
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