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 He did the wife but he was an accomplice at most in the other two. If that.
Man, preconceived notions are a bitch to handle. Despite Lester looking and acting shady as fuck and the little fact that we know he's at least partially guilty, I was thinking "leave poor Martin Freeman alone!" when she was questioning him.
 That's reaching. Using both hands and a ladder.
That was humongous, ridiculous waste of Amy Acker. For fuck's sake she has to be one of the most likeable and charismatic actresses working on TV right now and all you got her to do is look sad for a couple of minutes? The only good part of that plot was Coulson's continuing disillusionment with SHIELD.   The plot back at the base was cool. I guess it's true that bad guys are easier to play.
 You mean the slowest car chase in the universe? Were they even doing twenty?
Damn. It seems like I'm getting a beta key for a new MMO every week. Am I on a list or something?
I can help with that.
But what about the awesome backflips? We shouldn't discount the worth of awesome backflips.
This episode was the living embodiment of the Super Mario Bros game over sound.
Check out the comments. Fucking buffoons.   I refuse to talk with anyone about climate change unless they demonstrate to me beforehand that they know the difference between climate and weather. But polar vortex! Fucking morons.
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