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It's very interesting but it lacks the climactic "watercooler" moments other shows have. Personally I love it but I never thought it was poised for big ratings.
Chin City. Bruce Campbell plays the PI on the trail of a serial killer played by Robert Z'Dar.
Just as Hamas is not interested in a peaceful and prosperous Palestine, Israel is not interested in a peaceful Middle East. Being the "West's bulwark against the savage hordes" is too big a part of their way of doing business for them to change.
I'm with you on this. My favorite Tarantino movie both in terms of his usual tricks (snappy dialog, filmic references) and actual filmmaking. And to your moments I really have to add the Cat People sequence.
A jury sounds like a great idea. Although the Doctor being accused of shit isn't anything new.
On kind of a lighter note, that Mr. Pink sure is a tasty specimen. I just hope they won't insert him as a companion. It would be fun if he was an antagonistic to the Doctor force in Clara's life.
That was a pretty great episode. For all the badass speeches they've given the Doctors over the years Capaldi is the first time they fit 100%.
I feel really lukewarm towards this movie. On an intellectual level I completely appreciate it but it simply fails to connect with me.
Agh! You assholes are going to make me watch this!
This has "let's do a movie so we won't lose the rights" written all over it. Even more than ASM2.
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