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Needing anything more than paper towels to clean a skillet if done properly would mean that you probably charred your meat instead of cooking it.
Yeah, having the hosts hobbled until now made people forget they're actually better than human in pretty much every way.
Imagine this show starting with episodes like this one instead of procedural but with superheroes (kinda.)
Damn, the tree scene was kind of intense.
I didn't know I lived just to see Rachel do Trapped in the Closet. Apparently I did.
That's a bummer because right now he and Ada are the most interesting parts of show for me.
Amon Amarth absolutely kills live. If you don't mind death metal you owe it to yourselves to go. My ears are still ringing and my throat hurts from the shouting. And the set list was great too. There were two old songs for every new one.
Bernarnold was reading Alice to his son too. 
No 1 with second cousins of people named Barry. On Tuesday afternoons, I think.
 And I thought I couldn't dislike Smith more. Are we sure Chasing Amy wasn't directed by someone else?
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