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Bounties take forever to solo. And you kinda need a lot of them to enchant and craft items for Torment X.   With a good group you can farm materials and legendaries in no time.
Permit me to go all internet "learn to play noob" asshole, for a bit.   Diablo 3 has been out for four damn years. People should know how to farm bounties in a group by now. It's not even that hard. Every damn group either has someone AFK, or joining others on bounties, or farming keys or whatever. Come on people. Last night I almost soloed two whole areas while the other chuckleheads where busy fucking around and turning in non bonus bounties.  
Never read the comic, I barely even know the concept, but it seemed like a pretty good episode of TV to me.
Yeah. I was really hoping Monica would be the new CEO. Should would undoubtedly be better than Richard. But since he'd throw another hissy fit the best solution would be for Richard to be a somewhat nominal CEO with Monica as a COO actually running shit.
Wow. Just wow.   To go from Outlander, to Game of Thrones, to this. This really is the Golden Age of TV.  
 I'm trying to denigrate the books or anything. I'm just observing that now that they only have general guidelines to follow instead of detailed instructions they seem to be picking up a good amount of speed.
Oh no. Kick in the guts or not that was a great fucking sequence.   I believe that now that the show is completely unbound by the books it's the best it's ever been. This season is as good as the first one, and if it keeps going this way it will be the best ever. There is so much momentum building, it feels like a highlight reel compared to previous seasons.
But why?
Yeah, this season is much better than the last one. I was half way into giving up even from the premiere this season felt together. Less meandering.
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