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To Hong Kong? Did they let him out again?
The slow pace was the main reason this show had such an effect on me. And I believe we will be seeing more of Tagomi's aide. There's no way a guy from Nagasaki with old burns on him isn't a big clue of the show's plot.
This last page has more text than I usually post in a year.
That was one of the best episodes in a very long time. Certainly Capaldi's best, arguably the best of the new run.
The closest show to this that I can think of is The Americans. And this too is really hard for me to shake off.   I loved it. 
But he's white.
There are timers for these? Fucking what?
 Big words for someone who introduced midichlorians and virgin birth to Star Wars.
 Look at what is happening right now in the Middle East. Scale it up to literally galactic proportions.
Thanks, man. Appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: