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Oh there were plenty of complaints exactly about weapon design.
Calling out a freakin' lightsaber for bad weapon design is such a fucking great way to start this year of waiting. Lightsabers have one function. To look cool. Even the minimum amount of logical thought spent on them should at first show that they are inherently stupid, dangerous and useless weapons. Not to mention that having them work would require such a sophistication in field and energy manipulation that would put those capable of building them at least a thousand...
It's going to be like this for the entire next year.   Glorious.
I'm a huge nut for the Roman Empire, so even though the rest of the movie's shine has faded for me, the opening sequence ensures I will always feel fondly of it. 
I wouldn't be surprised if save for glimpses we didn't get the original cast untill the final trailer.   I kinda dig the lightsaber. Looks angry. Despite all the anger and hatred talk about the dark side so far all the Sith we've seen have been quite calm and collected. I'd love to see an angry, rabid Sith Lord.
And here. We. Go.
"Jewish Pharrell."
I like this more and more. 
They can't make Tanning Chatum goofy looking enough for me to forgo a chance to see Mila Kunis. Add to that the pewpew lazers and I'm pretty much locked into watching it.
If 13 episodes means it's over, boooo! Fuck you NBC! I hope you burn in hell alongside that girl!   If 13 episodes means Hannibal length season, yeaaaaaaa! NBC you're so cool!
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