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Wasteland 2 is going to be the death of me. I'm a completionist in RPGs and I suspect it will last a billion hours the way I play it.
This looks fucking tremendous. Wolfman Phoenix should be the default from now on.
 I wish I could rep this a billion times. I love this post like I love Diane Kruger's bone structure.
Rand is the Batman of philosophy. As one ages and matures their attraction fades.
Hey, these are the dangers of working with genius Clive Owens. He shouldn't hate the player, but the game.
I already decided I'd give this half a season before deciding.
For spoilery reasons I think hacker girl can be a good addition to the show.  [[SPOILER]]
Rooney is a yob. Don't expect any better of him just because he's a talented yob.
 Only letting the viewer decide was not in Darabont's intentions. He had something to say and he said it as emphatically as possible. I know the "death of the author" is the authoritative critical approach today but it's not one size fits all. Ambiguity wasn't in his agenda.
Of course humanity survives. Humanity has to survive otherwise the "fuck you" to those who despair doesn't have weight. It has to be irrefutably proven wrong, no ambiguity about it. "Giving up is morally repugnant, but maybe not" would have been a pretty muddled message to end the movie on.
New Posts  All Forums: