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My family is having Thanksgiving tomorrow. Brother works at Walmart, I work at a movie theater, so we were working doubles all day thanksgiving, yesterday and today. I'm so very tired.    Seriously, thanks to everyone here. I know I don't post a lot, but the trumpocalypse thread is keeping me sane throughout all of this, and I'm always reading the post release threads. The depression thread helps a bunch as well.    So, thanks to all you wonderful fuckers.
I believe the studio blocked all Tuesday cheap pricing for this movie. Cheap bastards!
Did anyone else notice the final voiceover delivered by Louis Lane sounded nothing like Amy Adams? There's even a part with superman flying in saying "is this guy still bothering you" that sounded nothing like Cavill.
  I work at a theater and the opening Thursday/friday showings were dead quiet. Only heard laughing from the everyday normal Saturday crowd with families.
Rick not shooting Negan as soon as he walked right out the door was really stupid.  Odd choice to use Weird Al's Another One Rides the Bus.
That was really, really weird. If they were going for a joke, I must have missed it.
He's from Fargo, ND and he's getting laughed out of the state. His picture is getting mocked by so many people up here.
Same as mine. Considering how I live 8 miles from our nation's supply of nukes, I think it's good they make sure the alarms work.
I'm a big fan of theirs. They were the first big band I got into as a teen. Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns are some of my top favorite albums. I got to see them live in Minneapolis 7 years ago and was amazed by how energetic and crazy he was on stage. Even in concert, his voice was powerful. He was a really talented dude, and with Romero dying on Sunday, this has been one shitty week for me. I was going to their concert next month in Minneapolis.
I was up in the seats, so I didn't get many pictures worth sharing, but that was a great show. They played nearly everything I wanted them to play, with the exception of "It's Late". The Freddie Mercury "cameo" during "Love of my Life" was fantastic.
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