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Coming back here to respond to this, as it was an interesting theory I read among my currently self-limited political news. While, normally, I find Scott Dworkin a bag of hot air - he’s a good guy that put a lot out there for Doug Jones, but he also Chicken Littled an imminent Mueller firing multiple times, including one that was SPECIFICALLY going to go down before the SOTU, but apparently, his MSNBC stint last night pointed out some good truth on how Trump and Manafort...
Oscar presenters are being announced, and wouldn’t you know, Wes Studi will take the stage next Sunday night. I’d chalk this up as good news for B Thread folk.
Learned his son’s name is Will Graham. William Petersen would punch that dude in the mouth.
 Indeed.  [[SPOILER]]
Logan is the only film based on the X-Men property that has mattered in almost 20 years of the franchise. It goes places, emotionally, that I wouldn’t expect an indie, let alone a studio film to go.Deadpool is also worth it, but for a completely different reason, and speaking of those two is like having Unforgiven in one hand and The Naked Gun in the other.
It’s sweet in that it ends in the same optimistic fashion as stuff like Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, or Observe and Report.To say that it’s the darkest shade of sweet.
Tragedy Girls is a smart, pitch-black little movie that creeped up on me. It’s a good enough composite of Scream and Heathers, but it’s the evil satirical streak of narcissism that puts it over the top. It makes a great double bill with Nightcrawler or To Die For.
 I meant in sheer brutality, emotionally and physically. Rambo is the one that easily rivals Logan for me in terms of how bloody it is.
Logan is second only to The Dark Knight as my favorite superhero movie ever.   But Logan is the best one this decade. Probably the most violent thing released by a major studio in the last decade.
Okay, I don't even know where to start.   First of all, thank you, Pither, for organizing the draft at warp speed, and to Boone for his meticulous Chosen list.   Anyway, let me break into the more personal take of how this went down. Pither PM'd me about joining in at a time that I was trying to hash away on some personal projects, and in all fairness, I felt like there was no way I could do a Casablanca recast. I might as well redraw the Mona Lisa.   However, I...
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