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Can I guest star as a younger, aspiring rookie? Or at least a villain of the week?
 Your best Event Horizon impressions!
Nice poster, Hypno!
 Indeed. It's a better film, too, and I enjoy Wayne Kramer's movie. Comparisons to Scorsese's After Hours have been made, too, and those are extremely apt. I've told less inclined viewers that it's the mashup of Grand Theft Auto and Rain Man you never knew was possible, and is.
I've always loved and admired Coppola's defiance of Robert Evans regarding the casting of Michael. Evans was hellbent on looks and star power (hence Burt Reynolds and Ryan O'Neal being floated around). He followed the New Hollywood dream, and made Evans submit to a supremely talented New York stage actor.   Let's also not forget that Evans tried to convince Coppola to set it in the present day.
You’ll love Good Time, Molt. Serious shades of early Scorsese, Ferrara, and Tony Scott. Sleazier than anything you’ll see this decade.
  Yes, Coming to America was massive, but compared to Murphy's early run, it doesn't have the same punch. And I do credit it with being the end of his golden age and the beginning of the 90's Dark Ages of one piece of shit after another (Bowfinger and the very underrated Metro get a pass though). By Eddie Murphy Raw, you could see in his material that he knew his ego was building. He was too big to fail. He builds to talking about fame in a way that isn't self-aware or...
It didn’t fully click for me at the time, but the scene where Jack Black’s scrawny assistant tosses a corn on the cob through his rival’s eye turned me red from laughing. Still does.Napoleon Dynamite has one moment, too, that still elicits a ton of laughs on my end: the bit where he tosses an orange at Uncle Rico’s van and they get into the flinchiest, most stumbling fight ever.Jon Gries plays that scene like a fucking genius.
Leviathan is kind of an important thing for me. It's a B Action Thread classic. Killer cast, great one-liners, and Weller's pre-kill one-liner for the monster is an all-timer. Seriously, it's one of the better Alien/Aliens/Thing derivatives.   DeepStar Six DeepStar Sux.
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