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I am definitely ordering that book for a friend for Christmas. I love him, but he appreciates Seagal too much for me not to give it to him. And he’s not a Trump voter.
Guys. Drop by the B Action Thread. Steven Seagal wrote a novel about a deep state conspiracy with a Joe Arpaio foreword.
A Franken resignation is the Dems showing they’re not the cowards that the Incredible Melting Man and his GOP are, from my view. I didn’t think RESIGN NOW!! at first, but he needs to. He won’t look good, but at least he did the right thing, unlike Moore. Side note: those dentures are HIDEOUS. Does he snort meth? I know coke is the glamour drug, but I mean, meth fucks up your teeth and Hitler gave the Nazis meth.
If Franken steps down, Moore steps down too. If Moore steps down, Franken steps down too. The Dems are broken and have major flaws, but at least they don’t have a guy who cosplays as Don Cheadle’s character in Boogie Nights making an issue out of witch hunts and denying this shit ever happened.
Meanwhile, Wonder if that translates to “I hate my boss, I hate my life, get him, Bob.”
I woke up, saw all the Time talk, and thought this was the Hollywood Skeeve thread. The Franken talk convinced me otherwise.
C’mon Nolan... anything 2049 got... and holy crap the Baby Driver editing nom! Meanwhile, shit goddammit they shut out Twin Peaks. Overjoyed that Cannavale scored a nom for Mr. Robot though!
Three of those will likely end up on my year-end list.   Meanwhile, I saw and was totally won over by Lady Bird today. What Clueless was for the 90's and Mean Girls for the 00's in teen feminism, but 100,000 times better articulated and more realistic. Shades of Rushmore-era Wes Anderson at points.   I'd say Laurie Metcalf is a lock for Supporting Actress. Holy shit, I want to convince 2015 me to just go see that production of Misery for her. And while I WANT it,...
The first and third are all anyone needs. The original is a classic. III is a chilling slow burn, a nice predecessor to the slasher noir craze that Silence of the Lambs and Seven cornered the market on. Just got Scream Factory’s Blu-ray. That hallway scene is one for the books.
Watchmen is terrific. Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach is a coup de grace of casting.
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