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 I really hope it gets a proper Blu-ray release from someone. It can't be held on to Disney. Kino has a deal with them.
More Twin Peaks and MacLachlan snubbage. BOOOOOOOOOOOOne Sorry.
Intrigued that The Shape of Water didn’t get an ensemble nomination. On a TV note, the love GLOW got has me soaring. That better win ensemble. Was thinking of MoviePassing Roman J. Israel, Esq. today.
The news of Omarosa being fired makes my day. Her “kneel before Zod” routine before the inauguration was one of the most disgusting, fascist plays by this administration’s PR.
I think it's time to break this out, despite Pedosemite Sam's masturbatory recount fantasy:  
1.5 points ain't a fucking recount. He lost clean.
Hannity is blaming McConnell over Moore's loss.   I'd quote Javier Bardem's rat monologue from Skyfall, but it's too long.
As of right now, Jones is +1.6 over Jones.
We lost Montana, Georgia, and Utah this year. But we upended Virginia and, now, this.   Resistance isn't futile.
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