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If I know anything from the Trumpocalypse thread, always bet on Judas. Almost always.
Jmacq, Trump could be gunned down by the Russian mob, we’d get Warren/Booker in ‘20, and you’d still say Trump was going to win back in 2024. Anyway, reading some theories that Hope Hicks was grilled for two days by Mueller and may have cut a deal. I’m pretty hopeless, but not that much.
The state netw... I mean Fox News has Jones +10 over Moore in a final poll. I don’t know if it helps, but all I can imagine is that the man or woman who conducted that probably hung their head in shame after analyzing the results while Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” played.
Explosion at the Port Authority. Guy was from Bangladesh and horribly injured. No deaths, thank god. Meanwhile, some stuff I read: Bannon might get a Mueller questioning and there’s going to be a Trump sexual assault press conference in a bit, so that’s good news.
They showed the boombox in the trailer. Meanwhile, my sister texted me last week that she was reading it and kept thinking of me because of all the 80’s references. I haven’t read it. I’m scared to.
Congrats to Kyle MacLachlan for his Golden Globe nomination!
Also, holy shit, James Cromwell would make a great Bob Mueller if he was 20-25 years younger.
First time I watched L.A. Confidential in many moons. This movie is great, but I forgot that this movie is GREAT. Nothing much to see here. It's dawned on me that Fox execs saw this and wanted Crowe or no one else to play Wolverine for a few months. Why didn't Guy Pearce get more leading role work in Hollywood? God, those two were the biggest Australians to hit the scene since Mel.  [[SPOILER]]
I haven't seen The Anderson Tapes or The Great Train Robbery (or Family Business and Rising Sun, for that matter). The Offence is not a lightweight movie, that's for sure.
Happy birthday Felix!   I saw Murder on the Orient Express the other night as well. Dug it a lot more than expected. Impeccably directed and cast.   The Presidio is okay. It's overall pretty forgettable, but the Chinatown chase and the ending shootout stand out.
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