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Trent Reznor as Snatcher (The Pickpocket), a shadowy mugger of few words on the Atlantic City boardwalk.
Heads up: I think it's cropped from the original 2.35:1.   But it's worth the DVR space. My favorite Bigelow. More relevant now than it was in 1995.
Via Twitter:   Tom Ford's Casablanca tested in Sherman Oaks last night. Word has been extremely polarizing: you'll love it or hate it, no in between. A few examples of some DM's I received on it last night (I'll keep it anonymous as to not break any NDA's)...   1/ "Bogie and Bergman are rolling in their graves. Everybody knew it was a stupid idea to remake Casablanca, but here we go. At least it looks very nice."   2A/ "After months of dreading the unthinkable, I saw...
'Casablanca' Rounds Up Lin-Manuel Miranda, Andrew Dice Clay, and Jimmi Simpson   The creator of Hamilton and a notoriously filthy standup comedian who built a career around vulgar nursery rhymes aren't exactly what you'd associate with Casablanca, but that has changed with the announcement that Tony winner and Oscar nominee Lin-Manuel Miranda and Andrew Dice Clay have joined the cast of Tom Ford's "restyling" of the classic war romance for Warner Bros. Pictures....
 Love this too: 
He took the project because of Ford (and Ryan Gosling’s behest), despite the fact that he turned it down initially.I’ve never considered him family friendly outside of his connection to Disney. I can see the guy spinning an 80’s hip hop take on “As Time Goes By.”
Lin-Manuel Miranda as Sam, Casablanca's in-house DJ, grand and electric piano master.
So, Deep Rising meets Die Hard 2, but everyone that isn't Esperanza is a killer animal?   I'm IN.
I imagine bartender Ayoade basically doing what he does here:  
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