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Rumors abound that Putin friend and action legend Steven Seagal is the top choice for the post.
The DEA is looking for a new head. John Hatcher is all the qualification you need.
So the word is that Trump's reaction to Puerto Rico has been toxic, right? Not finding any concrete articles on how bad it's been, other than his attempt to drop his load on North Korea and the NFL.
Rob Reiner's attachment to The Equalizer never stops being funny, but I also come close to choking from laughing at Belfort and Diamond Donnie watching Family Matters when they do the Lemons.
Busey isn't a fair choice because it's an enforcement agency, not one for encouragement. I nominate Steven Seagal. He even has ties to Putin!
Oh my god, that opening. I thought I heard Morricone's Thing score there. Also: "Jenelle, don't go watching R-rated movies. You know, I busted her watching Revenge of the Nerds the other day. It shows bush." "You ever see Smoke Signals?" "No, I have never seen that film. Can you use a better reference?" It's also scary how much McBride as Gamby looks like me.
So Much Winning: A Timeline of the Failure to Kill Obamacare   (My title, not theirs)
I wouldn't consider Goodfellas "late." It's more midway now. I consider The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street his best late-run films. The former gets a lot of revisionist shit for some reason, but it deservedly got Scorsese the Oscar and easily establishes itself as having the most nihilistic, downbeat ending in any of his stuff since Mean Streets.
If you told me five years ago that the man who orchestrated "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck" and a permanent smear campaign against Matt Damon, let alone the co-host of The Man Show, was going to emerge as an Everyman voice of reason in politics, I'd have laughed and gone "Wait, WHAT?"   But dammit, here we are and the man's doing a killer job.
Best reaction says that this makes the new Star Wars movies "look like live-action Lego movies."   Next Thursday needs to be this one.
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