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I prefer flagrant Nazis to secret ones.
 Good lord.
I wouldn't let the racist, pedophile Moore's paper-thin defeat be seen as some sort of proof we're on the rebound. In any sane democracy that would've been a landslide beatdown. Underestimate these villainous cretins at your own peril. They're not through sacking the country just yet.
When I saw the "It's back... and in VR", I thought you'd be referring to L.A. Noire, which had a VR release today. But nope, it's this bit of insanity from Penn & Teller. Jeebus.
I hope the other one ships soon, Fraid.   And to be frank, Judas Booth's generous gift to me this exchange enabled me to be generous in kind, so please send him kudos and well-wishes and maybe some chocolate-chip cookies.   I'm just very happy to be here, and am having one of the merriest Christmas-es I've ever had. All my thanks to my fellow Chewers.
At least under Reagan and the Bushes, there was an assumption that appointees would, at a minimum, be competent at their jobs, no matter their ideological leanings.
I still don't get it.
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