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Resurrecting this old thread to mention Enter the Void. Last night I got to bear witness to patented Gaspar Noe audience collapse. The guy got up during one of the many colored strobe/swirling camera sequences took about ten paces up the aisle, walking like a zombie, and dropped. He came to a few seconds later and left the theater muttering, "I guess I entered the void too hard." It was the hightlight of the picture.
Quote: Originally Posted by Syd What I love about the spanish fly thing is that for a moment I thought "Doc! You turned those poor innocent women into fly creatures and-oh wait they were Black Hear Assassins sent to kill you I guess everything worked out!" Were they officially working for Molotov Cocktease? I thought she was bluffing Brock to get him off her back and that's why they hadn't attacked. But maybe they just hadn't received...
Quote: Originally Posted by mike_tyson Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson in Easy A. I love both actors but I thought their relationship in that flick smacked of trying too hard to be effortlessly flawless parents. That movie works because of Emma Stone. She's brilliant, case closed. Since I've now got Tucci on the brain, Ian Holm is stellar as Pascal in BIG NIGHT. He doesn't steal the film, because both Tucci and Shalhoub are fantastic,...
Swedish Chef to the point that I dressed as him for Halloween two weeks ago, it was a license to throw food around. Followed by every member of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mangy The theatrical version of Anchorman with Brick Tamland's "I ate a big red candle" joke. I was bummed that it didn't make the DVD cut. The DVD doesn't have my favorite line in the movie, Champ Kind's, "I woke up in a Japanese family's rec room and they would. Not. Stop. Screaming."
Quote: Originally Posted by Ratty Yeah, I'm not seeing that at all. Care to post comparison pics for a rebuttal? Apologies, my image imbed skills are lacking, two links: Page: Hoosiers era Hershey (edited to show Google results because my damn link didn't work): It may ONLY be Hershey in HOOSIERS but dammit it's there.
They've been running WHIP IT and HOOSIERS on HBO lately and I've discovered that Ellen Page and Barbara Hershy look exactly the same.
Echoing the CLUE love. Watching Curry constantly knock Michael McKean over never stops being hilarious. Also, everything that Madeline Kahn does. They were running IT on Scifi a while back and good lord, Curry's the ONLY thing worth watching in that movie. ETA: You've only got to watch the first minute to see McKean try to find a seat and then break a table, completely wordless and awesome:
Quote: Originally Posted by Evi Wow. That means she can handle all our fist-sized penises. That was the funniest thing I've read this week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tati Loved the 2 face guy, hope he sticks with the gang. HATED they used the phantom of the opera music on him and that they had to show explicitly where the shot came from. He's credited through the end of the season on IMDB. Lucy was watching Jekyl and Hyde, right? Not Phantom of the Opera.
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