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Posts by Magiclapinou   Now that's a weird interesting choice: the Safdie brothers of GOOD TIME fame for a remake of 48 HOURS. I enjoy both movies but 48 HOURS isn't even in my Walter Hill top 5, I have no problem seeing a new take, especially if it is slightly (?) left field. Casting will be a bitch though.
The JEAN CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON premiere was kind of a mixed bag. On one hand I was very glad to see Van Damme in the flesh, on the other hand I was much too far from the screen (the theater is *huge*, the largest in Europe, but doesn't really match the screen. They also use it for concerts and I got to to see John Carpenter last year) , it was understanbly all about promotion ('oh my god, a legend of action movies is making a batshit crazy series!!!'), only 3 episodes out of...
I see where he is coming from but also think he is wrong. It's like a worse version of what he tried on SIN CITY, I'm all for stylish direction and heightened reality (I'm a big fan of SPEED RACER), but you can't expect 'optimal' grittiness with Mickey Rourke covered in visible latex instead of say Ron Perlman, and 'optimal' emotion with this kind of cute/kind of weird mutant. Spielberg didn't go for the black bead eyes route for his TINTIN and that's why the characters...
The pilot was very entertaining. High hopes for the rest, 5x30 minutes shouln't outstay their welcome even in a row.
Woohoo! Just won 2 tickets for the French premiere of  JEAN CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON, the full season 1 on one of the biggest screens of Paris. The whole cast will be here, including Jean-Claude of course! Never thought I would see him live in my life.
Just checked with my disc: DEAD BANG is anamorphic.
Aw shit, I bought the disc but haven't watched it yet, I'll try to check if I can find the box (my flat is littered with books and DVD). claims the german disc is 16:9.
I doubt it will make much of an impact outside of France but Johnny Hallyday, the French Elvis, died at 74. He was also a decent actor and B-movie fans can catch him in Sergio Corbucci's THE SPECIALIST (never saw it but it's considered as an above average spaghetti western) and Johnnie To's VENGEANCE (Hallyday is all right but the film was written for Alain Delon and it could have something else entirely). Perverts can try to track down TERMINUS, supposedly one of the...
DTV action is still a ghetto (ask John Hyams) and he is still remembered as the writer of DRAGON BALL. If Gareth Evans is not actively courted by Hollywood producers, what can 'lesser' directors expect?
I saw that when I was 17! A friend of mine had bought the tape without knowing anything about it and then lent it to me. He's gay now. Coincidence?
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