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 Aw, man, I used to love Driver. Especially that level where you got to perform The Driver's "expertly smash every bit of your car against a brick parking garage" yourself. Perhaps the best unofficial video game film adaptation ever.
Ragnarok was completely forgettable in its themes and actions. Thor dies and it doesn't even register. I think how much you like it depends entirely on wheter you think setting action to the most obvious Led Zeppelin song ever not once, but twice was awesome or rather lazy and over eager to please.
 I'm really pleased that the Adkins & Johnson combo is churning out films at such a rapid pace, after Adkins & Florentine's apparent struggle to get things made.
Really looking forward to the Punisher book as well, Jox. I even thought about buying the French version but I haven't read a book in French since high school so figured it might not be the best idea. Keep up the good work.
I probably overthink these things a little too much anyway. There's no denying that My Dying Bride's Turn Loose The Swans and The Angel and the Dark River are the real classics, but I'd actually recommend Feel The Misery to someone just starting out with them cause it's more of a perfect distillation of everything the band stands for and one of the best things they ever released, even though it's probably too early to cal it a classic.
Forest of Equilibrium is probably their most classic, heavy and doomy work. My favorite is The Ethereal Mirror, and The Carnival Bizarre is awesome in it's own right as well. Part of the fun in Cathedral is the way they swerve from the immensely doomy to more 70's rock groovy to back again throughout their career. All the while keeping Lee Dorrian's unique vocals of course. I'd probably rank my top five as such:1. The Ethereal Mirror2. The Guessing Game3. Forest of...
Oh yes, Crypt Sermon rule.  Well, it's very hard not to get infected with either some stoner or sludge when you're listening to doom. Some of my sludge favorites are Herder and the awesome Ten Ton Slug.
I went down the doom rabbit hole myself a couple years ago and let me tell you, there's no going back. I have a deep love for Cathedral. Which album are you going to check? I don't know which other bands you're planning to sample but, Paradise Lost have been on a major swerve back to doom in later years, I'd say their album The Plague Within is probably the best doom album they ever made. And Medusa is no slouch either.  And if I can humbly recommend Reverend Bizarre....
 I can't wait for Paddington to finally show up in Avengers: Infinity War and save the day.
He only ran the first season. He's directing the Pacific Rim sequel now...
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