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Looking at the trailer I'd say you could release it in theaters easily, but I guess it's not meant to be.
I love the enthusiasm he has for Accident Man. I had no idea he's wanted to make that into a film since he read the comic at 15. Great to see he got to make his passion project.
Every drawing I did of dinosaurs as a kid had a volcano blowing up in the background so I like to pretend they found these and decided to make a Jurassic Park sequel out of them.
The T-Rex coming in out of nowhere to save the day should come with a zany comedic sting by now.
This, exactly. Most of DareDevil season 2 had me waiting for the Punisher to show up because he stole every scene he was in. I spent most of The Punisher's first season waiting for that guy to show up too, but he never did.
Speaking of double features, Accident Man looks like it would be a great double feature with The Tournament.
Accident Man looks awesome. I just watched Savage Dog from the same director with Adkins last week and this looks like it continues that fun streak. Can't wait.
I'm a big fan of The Horror as well, but they're probably not returning to that ferocious sound they had back then. Bit disappointed that they didn't completely overhaul their sound again, though. Was fun not knowing what to expect from them.
One episode left.   Jesus christ those fucking wife flashbacks.
Every time I hear the theme tune I just think they made a slightly more dour version of the Hap and Leonard theme.     Now there's a show that needs only 6 episodes to set up and resolve a mystery. Hap and Leonard are more fun to hang out with than Frank and Micro too.
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