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I’m fine with Deadpool himself being the only constant and the universe around him ‘rebooting’ every time.
Maybe just drop the Fox part and have it be 21st Century Studios?
I’d wager the people who complain about this shit largely think that Norse mythology was invented by Marvel to sell Thor comics.
I think the Kylo Facebook stuff is less about race and more about the current Facebook geek sub-culture of constantly wanting to ‘outsmart’ movies/shows with ‘fan theories’ to make yourself seem ‘cool’, pushed by clickbait sites desperate to churn out content to push ad revenue. It’s also about fans with a lack of ability to reconcile mixed feelings about stuff they like trying to placate themselves. Five theories you’ll love and give you’ll hate about X, and they all...
I’m surprised he hasn’t tweeted it already. We may be past his bedtime though.
I Then make HHH Silk Spectre II and watch the sweet, sweet Emmys come rolling in. 
Let's just go hog wild with this and make him Silk Spectre.
I can't believe this didn't occur to me sooner: a Disney/Fox buyout would mean Storm is available as a possible love interest/female in a Black Panther sequel.  Yes please!
I’m guessing that the 13 episode seasons are ultimately a contract/budget issue. Maybe the initial Marvel/Netflix deals and actor contracts specified a length and they’re sticking with it to avoid renegotiations? Or they might be scared of bias/discrimination accusations if they cut one show (especially JJ or Cage) shorter than another (especially Iron Fist or DD. )
Please tell me she has the goods on Goodell.  Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease   (To clarify, I've never heard any rumors like this about Goodell.  I just don't like him.)
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