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 And just like that the discourse is ended. We'll see how far we've come as a civilization in a month or two when this happens again.
I think I should be more clear what  I said about the amount of work it takes to get to the Olympic level.   What I mean by that is the people that are actually talented athletes that train every day to and qualify by beating the best.   Not the "everyone gets a participation ribbon" nonsense of how Swaney schemed to qualify to be at the Olympics.
Gun violence is always a hot topic because Conversatives are generally fiercely opposed to gun control and Liberals are generally fierce in support of gun control.   These kinds of gun related tragedies are always politicized, but whenever a knife, vehicle, bomb, or poison mass killing occurs it is generally met with apathy, maybe a few sad face emoji reactions and "so tragic" comments on Facebook shares of the article.   Conservatives could argue that it's the...
 Wow.  Daisy Ridley would have been perfect.
 Technically Logan starts to fall apart in the second act right after the casino bit is done. But still. Fun game! I'll go with: X-Men First Class - Yellow and blue uniforms embraced.  Fun usage of powers in final battle.  Final battle takes place on sun soaked beach.  Magneto vs. Shaw. Charles/Eric schism.  Charles paralyzed.  Michael Ironside. Captain America: Civil War - Predictable villain plan is subverted.  Emotional stakes. "He killed my mom.".  Black Panther's arc....
Uh yeah, one of those jokes.     Despite what I think of the IOC, the amount of work that it takes to get to the Olympic level isn't easy.   And seriously if this isn't some Andy Kaufman type joke to troll the OIC it's pretty sad.
Farmhouses! Always farmhouses.
 Not funny.
 Logan is great until Professor X dies and then it's just an X-Men movie again.
 At least Legion returns on April 3rd!
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