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 The lesson here is to talk shit about as many people as possible so no one can accuse you of bias. That Robert Zemeckis--an a-hole!
 A villain who's a handsome middle-aged man in a business suit? Fuck, man, where do they get their ideas!?!?!?
 What, you didn't like this scene? 
Ian McShane as Magneto, Bryan Cranston as Professor X.    Timothy Dalton as Doctor Doom. FIGHT ME.
I’m so tired of Marvel going “oh, Loki, he’s genderfluid, he’s pansexual.”   The man turned into a horse, people. He’s a furry.
I thought the percentage of minority voters was something like 11, 18% though.   I went to public school.
 That's Claremont, though. He has half the Marvel universe in love with Storm. It didn't really develop after that until Marvel decided to get them hitched, then it was retconned into "they've been in love all along!" And even then, I don't recall the marriage producing any really memorable stories to offset how contrived it was. The whole thing was of a kind to the similarly forced, awkward, and on-the-nose Superman/Wonder Woman relationship that everyone hated so much...
I'm kinda not getting the statistics here. If the majority of Alabama is white and the majority of whites voted Rep, how'd the majority of the minority that's black people in Alabama outvote them?
Quite aside from it being really not that good a ship (in the comics, it was literally "let's put our most popular male black character and our most popular female black character together just cuz"), there is the small matter of a literal 15 year age difference between the two. (And Shipp is playing even younger!)
 Or, in another sense, he totally wasn't trying to do any of that, was totally find with the monarchy, and was just trying to put a different king (a more legitimate one at that) on the throne.
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