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If I remember correctly (thanks Fangoria), Julian Sands was reluctant due to other opportunities, and Payne stepped in.  A far cry from Passenger 57.  Still, Boti Ann Bliss got her start from this, then graduated to CSI.
Same age too.  I remember when GINO was released because it was the same weekend Fear & Loathing was also unleashed.  My heart belonged to Gilliam several times that weekend.
Sir, I cannot fathom what you're going through at the moment.
If I had a drink for every time the name Derek (my real name) was uttered this episode, I'd be in intensive care by now.  Twice over.
I'll probably watch this in a theater that serves alcoholic beverages.
I'll always remember her from House, or even better, Banshee.  Put up a helluva fight.
Well, not today.
Bobby Singer, foreva.
"I hid this uncomfortable piece of glass up my ass, for two years.  And now, Mr. Scott........I give this Dilithium Crystal to you."
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