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You might as well eat this while sitting on a toilet.
I'm gonna lowball at 5,000 calories.  I'd only walk into that challenge if it was fifteen years ago, on high-grade weed and hadn't eaten anything for 24 hours.
Actual Raspberry or Blue Raspberry flavoring?
So, uh, Shamrock Shakes are poised to come back in like two weeks, right?
As much as I love Blatty's work, if you watch it closely, your revelation does not come much of a surprise.  
Can we talk about how about Brad Dourif deserved an Academy Award for his role?
I think Blatty and Gregory Widen are both in the running for a serious reconsideration. 
There's such an operatic style to this film.  It just builds, and builds.  When Temple and the operations manager of the hospital hammers down on Kinderman, then he explodes, revealing the unknown information..Geroge C. Scott is a force of nature.
Rewatching this tonight.  My goodness, what a knuckle-clincher.
And Streets Of Fire is fucking nowhere on it!
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