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It has Franco, but he already got the nod for The Disaster Artist this year.
Dorsey is a good GM pick...if he is allowed to do his job. The retention and endorsement of Hue Jackson and Depodesta doesn’t give me much confidence that he will.
After Alabama elects a child molester to the Senate next week, will we still have to endure all of the articles gathering the views of Trump voters and bemoaning their economic conditions? If someone would rather vote for said child molester than dare cast a vote for a Democrat, I don’t think that there is any way to reach them.
I don’t think it particularly ambiguous who drew the dicks - I thought it was pretty clearly Christa, which the creators confirmes a couple weeks ago was their intent - but the genius of the show is making it not matter who drew the dicks. It is ultimately incidental to the show’s themes and character development.
I really thought Florida Project would be mostly shut out besides a nomination for Dafoe. Now, I think Dafoe has the inside track at winning and that the film itself might sneak into the best picture list - both of which would be well deserved.
I have no idea how Bayonetta games keep getting made, considering how poorly both of the previous entries sold. I will keep buying them if they keep making them, though.
That is definitely accurate.
Ogbah has shown tlashes, and Njoku is raw but promising. Passing on Wentz looks even worse now, though, despite the fact that I think Wentz would be having much less success in Cleveland.
So...did anyone actually see this? I just got back from it, and I can’t say I’m shocked it fell out of the Oscar race. It has some moments that work really well, but feels sort of clunky overall. I also don’t think it captures the time period very well, which feels odd for a filmmaker like Linklater who usually nails those details. There is some thudding commentary on Bush that, while I was in agreement with politically, feels like it comes more out of 2017 than 2003. Not...
To be honest, I actually prefer Monsters University and Finding Dory to their predecessors, but i don’t love the originals as much as some.
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