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God I love being a turtle.
  Paul Verhoeven's Hollow Man People don't really talk about it when they talk about Verhoeven, but I think this movie is awesome. It has that schlocky, darkly humorous Verhoeven touch, inventive special effects, and a great creepy central performance by K. Bacon. And an invisible gorilla!  
    'Yippee ki yay, motherfucker'       'Oooh Matron'
The nostril-flaringly English villain. Cumber-Khan being the latest example.
  That means Google Street View is the worst of the worst...it's lots and lots of pictures of dry streets on a computer.   But sometimes movies do a pretty decent job of making computers look cool without being too fake and cheesy...case in point; Skyfall - the UI looks stylish and cool but also kind of believable, and the most amazing thing - there are no fakey computer noises in the movie.    
I hate the little noises that computers make in movies. The annoying chirruping and beeping sounds that accompany absolutely anything happening on the computer screen, from opening a new window to downloading data, put there presumably because filmmakers think our attention will wander without them. It's like they think no-one knows what computers actually sound like.
I thought it was a hot mess. It was exciting, the stakes were high, and it was quite funny, but it also felt a bit muddled and punch-drunk. It seemed somehow that everything had been shot in a medium or close-up shot and then scrambled together in the editing room. Overall, though, I was entertained.   Some spoilery thoughts...   - Trevor was the best thing in the movie. I'd like to see a spin-off movie about Trevor.   - However I understand the disappointment...
Mars Attacks!     Although it eventually just managed to make back its budget, it was considered a bomb, especially when compared to the other alien invasion movie of that summer, Independence Day. But I love the movie - the black humor, the Martians themselves, and the great performances from Nicholson, Pam Grier, and especially Sylvia Sydney as Grandma. She's great. Also, where else will you see Sarah Jessica Parker's head transplanted onto the body of a...
So the movie is really gearing up, huh... One thing I'm interested in is whether they will update the look of the dinosaurs to fit with the contemporary knowledge about their appearance. For example, it's now known that velociraptors likely had feathers     And after the discovery of the Yutyrannus tyrannosaur, paleontologists think that even the TRex may well have been feathered.       Personally, I hope they update the look. For one thing It would...
New Posts  All Forums: