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Exactly, though "cheat" might be a little too harsh a word, because it implies a level of intentional deception.  Which I guess is possible, but I'm inclined to think it was more along the lines of just poor casting for the sake of getting a couple of "names" in the roles.
It's not that the twist was too obvious, it's more that I didn't buy what the movie asks us to buy in order for the reveal to have an impact.  Without getting explicitly spoilery, there were casting decisions that didn't work for me, visually, at all.
It does deliver that, certainly. I think the revelation at the end sinks the movie a little bit, though.
To your first point, I wasn't accusing anybody here of that. To your second point... yep!  Guilty!
I'm sure you are!
I just continue to be somewhat uncomfortable with the ease with which so many folks (in this case Abrams, but I'll concede it perhaps was not his intention) conflate illegitimate criticism of THE LAST JEDI ("Too many women!" or nonsense of a similar ilk) with legitimate criticism of THE LAST JEDI. I, on balance, like THE LAST JEDI.  I still have some not-inconsiderable issues with it on a story level, and I don't appreciate being lumped in with trolls.  That's all.
A fascinating - if also a bit odd - list.  For a second, I thought he was basically just considering needle drop type stuff, but then he throws in score selections, too.  I consider those two separate, distinct things, but it's his list and he can do what he wants with it, I guess. Great songs on there, though.  And for the score side, I absolutely love seeing stuff like A SHOT IN THE DARK, THE IPCRESS FILE, 67's CASINO ROYALE, and DEEP RED get some attention.
I don't think all these things are mutually exclusive.
Two things: 1.  Citing the gender thing as somehow the root of all complaints about THE LAST JEDI isn't quite full-blown straw man territory, but it is a convenient way for Abrams to sidestep publicly acknowledging that there are some legitimate criticisms to be made about that movie. 2.  His "Not in the least" answer is the only politic answer he can give... but knowing Abrams, I'd be stunned if he wasn't going into IX consciously trying to deliver a more conventionally...
I have every expectation that this is going to be a great movie.   That trailer does very little for me, however.  I'd rather see them lean on the action and gee-whiz espionage-y flavor - which is what truly sets these movies apart from almost all other Disney/Pixar animated fare - rather than the cute domestic stuff.
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