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That's because it's nothing but bottlecaps and voodoo. But the relevant point is that by this point, "mining" the stuff has become so compute-intensive that it's actually sucking up serious amounts of electrical power.
I mean, what else would they be making plea deals for? Is someone that desperate to get Rick Gates's family goulash recipe?
Um, maybe all the talk about "flipping" is because they've actually already been arranging plea deals for multiple people in exchange for cooperation? That isn't exactly a difficult conclusion to draw from that.
Yes, move to Texas, so you can live in an '80s family sitcom arrangement with Fraid! In all seriousness, though, hang in there.
I doubt we'll see the end of the GOP as an institution, unless things get even crazier than they're looking to. There's too much tribal attachment for anything short of full-fledged complicity at a party level to destroy it, and even then I doubt there'd be the political will to do it. What I do expect we're going to see is a number of the high-level Trump flunkies and Russian stooges either going to jail or resigning in disgrace, depending on how much actual criminal...
He's going down. At the end of the day, if you're evil and stupid, your only defense is having people not paying close attention to you, which is how Trump got through the majority of his adult life skating from one bankruptcy, scam, or con to the next. But he's also pathologically insecure and desperate for attention, so he let people talk him into taking the most high-profile job in the world, and now aaaaallllll the accumulated decades of shady shit are in danger of...
Maybe they could cross-reference with all the other dating sites so that the rest of the world can filter these people out of the pool.
Please tell me that's not a real oh who am I fucking kidding of course it's a real thing.
If I were a giant monster, I'd sure as hell go out of my way to blow up some hipsters.
Sorry, neil, but the fact is that NYC is second only to Tokyo in risk factor for giant monster and alien attacks. (London's been on the rise lately, though - hasn't been this bad since the '50s.) Plays hell with equity.
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