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Oh yes, Arsenic is an all-time classic.
There are few things I'm more grateful for about my childhood than the fact that I never, ever attended school, public or otherwise. (Homeschooled from get-go to get-gone.) Everything I've heard from anybody on the subject has only reinforced that.
Will do!
I can't wait to not see this.
Cool shit: your employer stocking seasonally-sprinkle-decked sugar cookies in the break room, and ones that are even soft and not dried and crumbly at that. Tired shit: biting in to find that they're some kind of hideous rancid lemon flavor.
Our day will come.
Hey, publishers, I'll write you the exact same thing better for half as much! Call me!
You know, let's not put Trump in prison. Let's just force him to share an apartment with whatever the hell kind of person draws ultra-closeted homoerotic political cartoons about Donald fucking Trump.
Oh FUCK gas-pump displays. The only machines I want to hurt more are the condescending voices on the talking self-checkout kiosks at the grocery store.
I just want all TVs in public venues and workplaces to be obliterated so I never ever have to look at or listen to them ever.
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