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TFA is 30 minutes of reasonably enjoyable but shallow and pandering nostalgia trip sandwiched between 70 minutes of endlessly repeating first act leading up to 25 minutes of soggy, mediocre reheated climax and 10 minutes of poorly-written ham-handed DRAMA!!!
I mean, if you want to say that ROTJ has some significant issues compared to the other two,'re absolutely correct. But if you're seriously trying to argue that JJ-Wars is actually a better movie, you are stone crazy.
No, no, by all means, wasp, continue. It's a perfect appetizer for baaaacklaaaaashhhh...
is this just fantasy?
I have to admit, I'm intrigued by this strange mirror universe Dark Shape posts from. Not that I actually want to go there, but, y'know. Is Jimmy Olsen the Batman-Superman of Earth X where you live, TDS?
I'd just be happy if somebody broke whatever magic totem keeps him from turning all the way back into an ordinary turtle.
Backlash starts slow. Backlash begins when you're walking out of the theater and you step into the fresh crisp air and the high begins to wear off. Backlash smolders when you stop telling yourself you loved the movie when it was only just okay, and it burns when you think back on it and realize that actually there were a bunch of things you didn't like about it, and it becomes a roaring fire when the spell is broken and you realize that you were manipulated into loving a...
Oh, it'll make money. It'll make more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime by orders of magnitude. But that won't stop the inevitable baaaacklaaaaaashhhhh...
Well at least buy the horse dinner.
Pamdonium: the original name of the Roman fort that eventually became the quaint little British seaside town of Pamdon.
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