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Oh, now that's juicy.
I mean, I'm sure they'd love to spin it that way and write it off, but unless I'm misunderstanding something, that's not how this process works. A pile of indictments handed out in the process of the investigation is not the same thing as the special counsel presenting their findings at the end of it, and unless they actually kill the investigation early (which will lead to the predicted shitstorm) that's still yet to come.
Jill Stein, as well.
What I'm noticing most is some (apparent) direct quotes in the charges that make it suuuuuuper clear that these people absolutely did intend this as an act of information warfare. Still digging through this, but it's gonna be fucking hard to spin this as unfair pillorying of innocent legitimate political activists if that bears out.
I'm told they were nobody, just coffee boys.
It should at least be not absolute garbage though.
No worries, Vlad, Google will just cave like they do with every other fucking tyrant who threatens to put a dent in their Internet hegemony if they don't comply with censorship demands.
Nothing to see here, folks!
I mean, it's possible. It'd just require cooperation from basically the entire rest of the world, be a major act of aggression from a diplomatic standpoint, and fuck with a whole lot of innocent Russians in the process.Having Facetwittubepress block content from there would, at least, not be something that the US as a country is answerable for diplomatically, but it'd be easier for the bad actors to circumvent and also fuck with a lot of innocent Russians.
Yeah, this. I'm sure it won't change the opinions of the die-hards, but there's already been a few articles on how this entire fiasco is causing a schism in the younger generations of evangelicals. Highlighting at every turn just how far afield this administration and this party are from what these people say they believe is important, because if the younger generations of "values voters" actually break off from the GOP in significant numbers, it's doomed in the long run...
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