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Nah, I prefer rejecting it outright.
Please, please, people. "Younglings."
See, the thing is, Star Wars isn't "ours" or "theirs." It's George Lucas's, for better or for worse. And he's no longer making them, therefore what's being made is no longer Star Wars. Q.E.D.
You can feel free to subsidize my ticket. Just be advised that the money will actually be going towards a Deschutes Black Butte 25th Anniversary Reserve Porter to accompany a viewing of the unadulterated original film on Laserdisc.
That's nice.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: as bad as the Prequels are (and make no mistake, they're bad, and AOTC is Bad with a capital Sand Monologue,) they're unmistakeably the work of a genuine auteur. Try saying that about Disney Wars without bursting into a fit of sniggering.
I mean, when Winston Churchill got everybody killed, he busted his own ass back down to lieutenant colonel and spent months on the front lines. So measure up to that benchmark, Poe Man's Wedge Solo.
Yeah. It's not a character concept I particularly like (again, I really need to finish the Rebuild series, which I've heard described as "Evangelion if people were on their meds,") but I can respect where they were going with it.
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