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That's nice.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: as bad as the Prequels are (and make no mistake, they're bad, and AOTC is Bad with a capital Sand Monologue,) they're unmistakeably the work of a genuine auteur. Try saying that about Disney Wars without bursting into a fit of sniggering.
I mean, when Winston Churchill got everybody killed, he busted his own ass back down to lieutenant colonel and spent months on the front lines. So measure up to that benchmark, Poe Man's Wedge Solo.
Yeah. It's not a character concept I particularly like (again, I really need to finish the Rebuild series, which I've heard described as "Evangelion if people were on their meds,") but I can respect where they were going with it.
I was fortunate enough to avoid most of the overhype by dint of not getting on the Internet or into anime in general until later on, when everybody was obsessing over DBZ and then Inuyasha. EVA is a show with some rough patches that just plain and simple runs out of money and just barely manages to drag itself over the finish line with a couple episodes of headtrippy lunacy that work more because they're captivating in their strangeness than because they actually function...
This is the Internet, Hifidog. Anybody who disagrees with you is unquestionably arguing in bad faith and that's all there is to it.
I'll take the cost of the ticket and buy a really good beer and watch the original instead and enjoy that a lot more, thanks.
Hee. Hee. Hee.*savors backlash*
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