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Honestly though I'm more worried about Rodriguez than anything else. If it were still going to actually be a James Cameron movie that'd be one thing, but while Rodriguez has turned out some solid genre flicks, he's also turned out a much, much larger proportion of forgettable junk, especially when CGI and greenscreens get involved.
Generations definitely has all the ingredients for a really good Trek film. (And yeah, it is the best TNG film, even in spite of its failings.) The problem is, it's like they mixed up the proportions for the sugar and flour, accidentally measured out the salt in tablespoons instead of teaspoons, didn't separate out the egg whites, and got halfway through baking it before realizing they'd forgotten to blend in the shortening and hastily trying to add it in.
I mean, you'd have to think that somewhere along the line somebody would've stepped back, taken a look, and realized that the effect was less "anime" than "Marty Feldman," but...nope, guess not!
I'm crossing my fingers. The fact that this is even a close call is an atrocity unto itself, but as has been pointed out before, Moore in 2012 significantly underperformed Mitt fucking Romney, a man with all the charisma of a parking meter, in the same voter base. Here's hoping.
Generations has some good stuff in it, but it just never really gels. It doesn't help that it's a completely different movie for 80% of its running time that just suddenly decides to be a send-off for Kirk out of left field (barring the intro sequence.)
I'm halfway to agreeing with Elvis here. I love a good Big Piece, and "Duel of the Fates" is a fine piece of work, and I do think it's appropriate (though it's undercut in the movie because we keep cutting away from the titular duel,) but it's not the be-all-end-all that people make it out to be. Hell, my very favorite score "moment" in the entire series is that cue at the end of the trench-run sequence in the original where Luke switches off his targeting computer and the...
You may be right!
Williams's music for Star Wars is so excellent that I may listen to the soundtrack for this even though I'm not going to see the movie!
In the kingdom of the insane, the prescient madman is king.
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