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Fingers crossed that McCain remembers to pull his conscience out of storage again.
I mean, if they couldn't be assed to come up with a coherent plan at any point before this, there's no reason for them to stop sawing tree limbs out from under themselves Wile E. Coyote-style now, is there?
"Lord, it was just a little sexual immorality and abuse of power! Probably! Maybe! YOU DON'T KNOW!!!"
Wait, what? Link please, I could use a good hearty cackle.
Maybe we all died last November and the entirety of 2017 has been a very subtle Hell.
What do you want to bet that, in private, he calls it "the War of Northern Aggression?"
Wow, Roy. Like, you couldn't even have publically wished to regress to a time just after the end of slavery, say?
Schwartz, engaging in rational argument with VTran is like debating art criticism with a dog.
IMDB knows nothing about it, but I'm intrigued. British children's programming in the '70s-'80s could get pretty demented from the little that I've seen.
I crossed that bridge when I was still a kid myself.
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