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Man, as if there weren't enough reasons to hate Larry Ellison.
I'm still not certain what I think of it as a follow-on to the actual story, but it definitely puts in a best effort at being an appropriate successor to the original. Also, as a card-carrying stubborn crank, the bit where K has to go searching through old hard-copy records because all the digital ones got accidentally erased made me chuckle like a bastard.
That's nice. They should all give themselves a big pat on the back for it.
But this time will be different, for sure.
Keep telling yourself that.
That's very nice, Amos. It also has no bearing on the fact that plenty of the Generation That Will Lead Us All To An Enlightened Liberal Utopia To Dwell Amidst Wonder And Glory Forever are horrendous, shitty people themselves.
But it's so conveniently flattering for Millennials!, the thing with Twin Peaks is I don't even know how to begin answering that question.
Well that seems totally legit and on the up-and-up.
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