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Just picture Jeff Sessions in a red leisure suit, then.
I mean, yeah, ultimately the people who are still committed to Trump at this point are just going to contort and rationalize and equivocate like they have on every other fucking thing he's done, definitely. But at the end of the day, A. it's still a public embarassment for him, which B. every single thing they've done has only drawn further attention to, and C. you just fucking know they paid her off with campaign funds, because we already know he never pays anyone with...
So. Much. Winning. I swear, these people make the Keystone Kops look smart.
The NYT is like that uncle who could be a perfectly normal middle-aged person but keeps making an ass of himself trying to prove how hip and "with it" he is to his nephews' and nieces' teenage friends.
I love that this is their strategy for avoiding admitting that they paid her off with campaign funds which of fucking course is what they actually did.
Hmm. I may have to look into that if I keep getting no bites on the listing.
Ohhh, sexy. There's something hypnotic about quilt-maple tops.
Well, it's been forever since I last visited this thread, and a few different things have come and gone - sold the P-bass because it just wasn't that great (I know Squier have stepped up their game quite a bit in recent years, but that one was a prime example of their "better than cheap shit like First Act, but nothing to write home about" reputation,) pawned off that cheap little Strat clone on someone who bought a couple keyboards from me, put the Hofner up for sale...
You heard him, everybody, let's post the hell out of this thread!
If I became a contemporary art critic, I'd shoot myself. Wait, no. I'd bring down the Tate on my own head Samson-style. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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