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So what's a "D" and what's a "J" in this context? Inquiring minds want to know.
No, but he's not named for a pair of letters, is he?
Why is there a character named "DJ" when people in SW use that funky space alphabet, anyway?
Fun fact: there are two ways to parse this sentence, and in this case both are correct.Still not gonna read it, though. Life's too short to inflict bad sex on fictional characters, the poor dears.
I've just discovered that Windows Server 2016, by default, is configured to automatically install updates and reboot without confirmation at any old goddamn time it pleases. I discovered this when it happened to one of our clients during business hours. Fuck the Win10 family sideways with a poleaxe.
Wait, am I to understand that they're getting people to pay to insure their claim to property that does not now and may not ever actually exist even in intangible form? Harold Hill would be green with envy.
Google let this happen because they're also an ISP and they stand to benefit if they can pay off other ISPs to hobble their competition. Everybody who thinks they can get ahead by fucking over the other guy now that it's allowed is perfectly happy to let it happen, because they're soulless corporations. Simple as that.
I never wish this on anyone, but if anybody ever deserved a full-fledged blitzkrieg by the doxxers, trolls, and Twitter lynch mobs, it's Ajit Pai. Smarmy little fucker.
Oh please. We all know there's only one animated Titanic movie that will ever be worth a damn:
It'd definitely put an interesting spin on the whole "circle of life" thing.
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