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I keep forgetting how much Rosenstein looks like Austin Pendleton in Short Circuit. do you stand on the allegations against Roy Moore?
To play devil's advocate here, they were the party that carried water for Bill Clinton until literally just this fall.
Or even both!
Because standards aren't about sides. They're about the right thing to do.
Man, who knew Irish border issues could complicate U.K. politics to such an extent?
So where is this guy driving the babies to, anyway?
Here's hoping they absolutely blast him in the runner-up entry, just for good measure.
Update: just got through the episode "Contract." Without spoiling anything, genuinely one of the best examples of earning the state of having one's cake and eating it too that I've seen, dramatically speaking. I love that every single thing they pulled out of their bag of tricks for that twist was something set up in a previous episode. Well-played, writers.
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