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I think what's really amusing in a horrifically twisted way here is the fact that a bunch of the exact same people who like to moan about the Trump administration normalizing revolting behavior and making it socially acceptable were obviously (wistful "oh, it'd be so nice if being not shitty worked..." mock-laments notwithstanding) only waiting for the excuse to justify being belligerent assholes to people in the name of The Cause. Nice one, guys.
Hah, yeah...culminating in the "I'MA BRING DOWN SAMUEL JACKSON ON YOUR ASS!" "But I can help you save your wife, maybe, you don't know!" "WHAT? OKAY, DIE THEN, SAMUEL JACKSON!" "Right, great. Now go murder small children for me." "ON IT, BUDDY!" scene.
This is certainly true. On the other hand, the thing with the OT is that the on-the-fly decisions didn't break things (weird awkward kiss aside.) Scott Ashlin of 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting has argued that the fundamental problem with the PT is that Lucas didn't effectively figure out that the story he wanted to tell was supposed to be a tragedy until ROTS, and I think that's a pretty fair assessment and a good explanation as to why the improv is so much more...
*audience erupts into wild cheering and applause like at the end of Babe*
The whole "well of course the heroes were never in any real danger, it's a movie" line of argument is kinda phony. A good movie can make the audience feel tension even when there shouldn't actually be any from a meta-story logic perspective. (This is, coincidentally, also why Joss Whedon's "well, I gratuitously kill characters because otherwise the audience wouldn't feel the other characters who weren't marked for gratuitous death were under any threat!" line is pure...
Which is why that's generally the job of the writer.Who was also the director.Who is lousy.
Well, all the ones with some tiny smattering of integrity, anyway.
So that's where mock turtle soup comes from!
And here I thought the constant "POSTED FROM PLEASE NOTICE MY OVERPRICED FONDLESLAB EVERYBODY" postscripts from people posting on forums via Tapatalk were annoying. That's just retarded.
Again, the GOP didn't cave on Nixon until waaaaay after the actual Saturday Night Massacre, when it became too toxic for them to continue supporting him. Trump has neither Nixon's basic level of competence nor his ability to deliver to his supporters and is far, far worse at pretending to be innocent, and "toxic" is essentially his middle name at this point. He's absolutely going to try to fire Mueller, but he's not going to walk away from it.
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