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Uh-oh, avian just lit the Boone Signal.
At this point I'm not sure it'd get him in any deeper than he already is.
Rey is the intersection of a massive multimedia merchandising corporation wanting to sell more SW toys to young girls and a director/screenwriter whose entire M.O. is to make a list of SO KEWL MOMENTS!!!1one and then string them together with chewing gum and baling twine until the writhing mass of coincidence and authorial fiat sort of vaguely resembles a plot if you squint at it just right. Apply to that whatever label(s) you prefer.
If Luke got to be a kickass space warrior, who would Rey have to upstage with no training whatsoever?
I've known plenty of people on the left who exhibit this tendency as well (though I've never known anyone who is compelled to such behavior with such a single-minded purity as Donald J. Trump, Earthly Avatar of Petty Combativeness.) My operating theory here would be that while not all assholes are racists, all racists are assholes.
You're goddamn right I'm better than the Gap.I'm the thrift store. I'm no-name generic blue jeans and solid-color tees from anyplace cheap. I'm a wearer of loose, comfortable, lived-in clothing that lets me simply be and not worry about adjusting my fucking cummerbund every time I shift around in my seat. I am comfort and casual and simple human freedom and you are a suit so empty, it stands up and walks and posts by itself.
You're goddamn right it is, you starch-collared jackbooted fascist!
You notice what that tie isn't, Boone? Tied.
Ladies wearing casual, comfortable clothing designed for humans?Vastly superior.
This is fair.
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