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"Drunk Before Breakfast" -Steve Bannon
If so we'll see them in court.
 It's true about mutual combat! Our resident real life superhero/crazy person Phoenix Jones knocked a dude out after said dude agreed to combat. I wont post the link but do a youtube search for Phoenix Jones and it will probably pop up.
Fuck you Ajit and the FCC. Washington State will keep net neutrality on its own.
Ryan is 2nd in line of succession for the Presidency.  If TrumPence both leave office before 2018, would Ryan still retire?
Districts 2 and 6 look pretty suspect just base on their shapes. I don't know anything about Alabama population density but I'm guessing there's other reasons the county lines got drawn the way they are.
Man this feels good. Like a weight is off my shoulders. Evil lost. Sure it may be just for tonight but I need moral victories like this if I'm going to get through this shit show. Thank you black voters. Thank you women. Thank you Alabama.
How I wish that horse had bucked Moore off. Hopefully Alabama voters can make up for it.
I or II?
A Latveria/Wakanda war would have so many story opportunities. I would love to see that.
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