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 I don't know more than half that list - on to Google Play I go - but I'm glad the Gallaghers made it. A cracking couple of discs. I prefer Noel's album, although I'd kill to hear Liam sing it.
  In Boone's defence, not that he needs me to mount one, I specifically asked him to send me things he found interesting or enjoyable. I pretty much have every expression of my interests, so it seemed like a good opportunity to get to know someone else's. Both his books are next up after I finish Banks' "The Quarry" and I'm looking forward to reading them!
Bollocks - spoilers in that review, at least in so far as a cameo is concerned. 
 So it's the nature of the abuse - it being worse because the abusers are anonymous rather than identifiable.   Volume is a fair point. I was thinking having the experience rolling around a kid's head would be equivalent to volume, but then again at least if it is confirmed to school you have some respite during which it is possible for your mind and emotional state to recover. You can avoid a bully at school and still go to school, but it's hard to avoid a bully on a...
For the UK Chewers: Cheggers, at 60.
 Has it though? There was emotional bullying under the teachers' and parents' radar when I was a kid, as constant and with effects as damaging and insidious as cyber-bullying. If you weren't seeking and being provided with comfort from your folks, you'd still be grappling with persistent memories and feelings at home in as intrusive a fashion as receiving messages on your internet connected device is these days, and you'd arguably have to deal with a degree of public gaze...
Ew.   And yet, and yet, I know a cartoon along those lines is probably making it's way around Facebook and Twitter as we speak.
 It's also slang for vagina, so I can see how you might be confused. "I'm trying to maneuvere into this parking space, but it's tighter than a gnat's chuff." ETA: which is why I have a chuckle every time I think of the shop called "The Chough Bakery" in Padstow, Cornwall. "Chough" is pronounced "chuff".
Doubledown, quick question, and do feel free not to spoiler tag this, but... it true that there is a place on a man's head, that if you shoot it, it will blow up?
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