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Andy, I’m so sorry for your loss.
I have not gotten my poop grouped yet with regards to Bendrix’s gifts. Will finalize by end of weekend.
I was bragging as well about Judas being my Santa 2 xmas’s ago. You’re a good man Judas!
Hi Jacob,I sent you a PM with his info when I had him last year. Not sure if current but I know he isn’t on the site all the time and may take a while to get back to you.
That first one driving away from the dam was a blast, I did that over and over again, would go back and forth between the Cayenne and the bike. Plus the Pontchatrain Bridge level, so much fun! I still have my PS2 I’ll have to load that up tonight and try it again.
It feels like a 5th Brosnan film, I love that game and will still mess around with it every once in a while.
Thanks for your help.I’m hesitant to go buy a region free player as I might go down that rabbit hole all the way and then I’ll double dip titles( yes I need the Australian version of Casino Royale with more violence)and buy a bunch of crazy stuff.
Speaking of Nemesis, does anyone know if the blu Ray for that is region free? It shows up on Amazon but says it might not play in North American players. I have a burning desire to revisit that one.
Since the celebrity I most closely resemble is John Candy, the burger is appropriate.
YouYou bought my a lovely hardbound graphic novel set of Parker stories drawn by the late great Darwin Cooke, called The Martini edition. I love it! You also purchased several terrible CD’s (un)celebrating Canada’s worst musical talents Nickleback Anne Murray Bryan Adams and Gordon Lightfoot(that one I like).
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