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It's terrible that he was a very spiritual man and suicide is the one Christian sin that cannot be forgiven by Christ so he's already begun burning in a Lake of Fire forever. I cannot even wish him to rest in peace, it's not respectful to his beliefs.
Turns out that speech was altered. Here's the real quote and raw footage.
It seems 97% of the black women voters in AL voted for Jones. A whopping 25% showed up to the polls. And they make about 18% of the AL population. So that's nice. Also, Jones is doing good.
This looks like what people claim A.I. is.
I had one of the Zilla-Raptor baby figures hanging from my backpack in 1st grade. But I don't like the design or movie so I'm not Kate maybe.
And I think Sunny operates on a different level than Development so it's kind of a false equivalency. As Sunny goes on the characterizations do get better, thoughtful. But it's more about watching these truly evil people writhe in their own man-made hell. AD feels like the Trump family adapted by Douglas Adams with a pinch of Tex Avery.
I'd much rather have Sunny in the MCU than Agents. Oh, LEGION.
Having Wilson as Cap with the whole white supremacist story would be so fucking bold and brilliant. Fuck it, give Wilson the Cap-Wolf story, too.
This totally is totally a thing that will totally happen. Remember when Tarantino said he was producing HALLOWEEN 6? Or the billion other things?
If they don't have STEEL, we riot.
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