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Some good news on this:
Funny story about paying for wedding services. My wife is an ordained minister (Non-denominational) for a wedding chapel she works for. A year ago, a couple came in to get hitched at the last minute. When they were informed that the only minister on hand at the chapel was my wife, the couple went through an exhausting spiel about how a woman minister was strongly against their moral beliefs. When they were told that a male minster could be called in but would charge $50...
"The White House has cancelled a scheduled opportunity for reporters to question President Donald Trump about former national security adviser Michael Flynn's guilty plea."      
Nothingburger.. SO good. 
He's missing his calling. Topps cards should hire Trump to come up with new Garbage Pail Kids names
I see Sheriff Snowflake finally arrested the woman with the "Fuck Trump" sticker.   No word yet on whether he's put a posse together for these outlaws:  
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